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Adam Wirthmore Interview, Behind the Scenes

Author & Curator: 
Troy Maillis

The Guy Next Door

You’ve seen him before.  You know who I’m talking about—that guy on that site. He’s the guy that helps you relieve stress and explore your wildest fantasies. Originally from a small town about 20 minutes north up Boston, Adam Wirthmore grew up a free-spirited, uninhibited lover of life and nature. Like most gay teens, he watched a fair amount of porn and was always curious about meeting and having sex with the porn stars he saw on the internet. At 19 years old, Adam sent out a few applications and (side website of asked him to come in for a meeting. With an office he described as looking like a “British law firm with wooden floors, wooden columns, nicely upholstered furniture, and a sweet old secretary,” Adam knew this was a legitimate business. After checking out the guys who would be at the upcoming shoot, he took some preliminary photos and had a train ticket to NYC in hand by the end of the meeting—the rest is history. Adam recently spoke with Mark’s List about working in the adult film industry, his favorite co-stars, what he looks for in a partner, and what you can expect from him in the future.

How long have you been in the business and how long will you make movies? Would you ever like to direct or work more on the production side? 

I have been shooting scenes, mostly for Next Door Studios, three to four times a year for the past three years. I will continue to shoot scenes until it interferes with my main career or love life. The way I see it, I'm just having fun while the fun lasts. I am not dependent on the additional income. The money has definitely been helpful while living in Miami, but I am not planning on modeling much into adulthood. I would, however, be interested in getting more involved with production. I see a lot of potential in the industry, and I am not one to shy away from a business opportunity just because of its stigma in society. Let's be real, everyone watches porn, and it has to come from somewhere. I could definitely see myself recruiting, directing or producing movies in the near future.

You’ve worked with some of the hottest male film actors in the industry including Parker London, James Jamesson, Christian Wilde and Cody Cummings just to name a few. Do you have a favorite scene partner or scene in particular that stands out?

Well one of my favorite scenes was with Christian Wilde; it was one of my first scenes and my emotions are very pure and raw, and I still see that when I go back and watch that scene. I really lost myself in that scene and completely forgot about the cameras. My favorite scene partner, however, would have to be Samuel O'Toole. He just has those features that I'm really attracted to in a guy: dark features, playful attitude and a big, meaty cock.

Adam and Christian Wilde

Oh my god, yes. There are a lot of "straight" models who are exclusive to Next Door Studios and the scenes are definitely not as organic or emotionally pure as those that I've shot for On The Hunt, which uses primarily gay models who hire them through ManHunt. Instead of kissing me to help us both get boners, they are often rubbing themselves in the corner in between takes, staring at a mini DVD player that's blasting some straight porn with a chick screaming at the top of her lungs. It's definitely a buzz kill to look forward to a scene with someone like Cody Cummings or Tyler Torro, just to find out that they don't kiss, but oh, they will jam their cock down your throat or up your ass, respectively. But that's just part of the business, and I've learned to appreciate their contributions and accept their flaws [laughs].Speaking of Cody Cummings, many people are curious about how it is working with bi-sexual and straight actors. Is it different than working with the gay actors? 

Do the straight actors get into it sexually or is it really just like a job? Is it ever difficult for them to get aroused?  

It's really just a job for them. Sure, some of them are actually bi-sexual or into chicks with dicks, but the majority of the straight actors aren't really into more that the sensation of sticking their dick in someone’s ass. If they do have a problem getting aroused, then they don’t last in the gay porn industry for long.

What is it like on set with your scene partners? Do you get to know each On The Hunter first to break the ice, or do you just jump right into the action? 

It depends. At On The Hunt we have more of an ice breaker, and I think the chemistry in those scenes reflect that built up anticipation. At Next Door Studios, on the On The Hunter hand, we are kind of isolated in a hotel room until the scene, so it is hard to get to know the guys. The nightly dinners at Next Door Studios help you get acquainted, but that may come after your first scene with a guy. The exclusives at Next Door Studios are all pretty tight; they have to be because they see so much of each On The Hunter. Me personally, I have to at least see the On The Hunter guy before I have a scene with him. I guess I'm kind of picky when it comes to who I am fucking for the internet world to see. I still have my standards [laughs].

Adam and Cody Cummings

Well with On The Hunt and Next Door Studios, there are no scripts. For On The Hunt, it's just a quick interview and fucking. With Next Door Studios, there is some plot and costumes planned out before hand, but the lines are completely made up on the spot. Both companies pay for all your meals, transportation and lodging. It's pretty much a paid vacation with no expenses. It's what keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and the hot guys—can’t forget about them.How do adult film sets compare to regular film sets? Are there lots of flubbed lines, cuts, re-shoots and food carts like we would see on a normal movie set?  

What is your favorite part about being an adult film actor? Is there anything you don’t like?  

Being recognized for my work in the gay community has been the sharpest of double edged swords. I can almost sense when someone recognizes me in public, starring surprised and happily, and then whispering to their fashionably dressed, well-groomed male friends. The feedback is always positive and has definitely been a confidence builder. As much as I appreciate the recognition and admiration, I have also been outed to my fraternity and the cheerleading team by anonymous onlookers. Although I am not a part of those organizations anymore, I have kept some really close friends who love me for me and just want me to be safe and happy, which I am. I love them for accepting my choices in life.

You’ve acted as both “bottom” and “top” role in your films. Do you have a preference? 

Physically, I like the way it feels to bottom better. But psychologically, I like to play the top and pound some ass from time to time, because those are the guys and mannerisms that I most identify with. If I were to describe a perfect preference percentage ratio, it would probably be 70% bottoming to 30% topping. I can't see myself with a pure bottom or a top that will never let me flip him. You’ve got to be open-minded enough to let me in the back door from time to time. Plus, if I can do it all the time without complaining, then you can too—man up.

Adam and Cody Cummings

I guess my abs and ass are my best features. I don't go to the gym, but I do want to get bigger in the shoulders and chest—CrossFit anyone? I'm a big fan of feet, calves, legs and pecs, and I like a cute smile with a hot oh-face [laughs]. Oddly enough, I like eyebrows too. Really, I just love every part of the male physique.Working in the adult film environment requires actors to be in tip top shape. Do you have a favorite body part—one that you like to show off most for the camera? What about with your co-stars—what do you look for the most in their bodies?

With all the sex that comes from adult films, is it hard to keep your sex life active in your personal time? Is it difficult dating?

I have a lot of free time and I have a lot of sex in my personal life. I've kept a nearly perfect list of all my sexual partners I’ve gone all the way with, and it is just past 100 (not including repeats). Dating has always been difficult for me. I grew up in a small, primarily Catholic town before attending the University of Miami. UM tends to have either closet-case "straight" boys or flamboyantly feminine gays without much in between.  I'm pretty masculine—to be as out and comfortable with it at my age is a rarity, but that seems to be changing, slowly but surely. Dating for me is also complicated by the fact that I am looking for somewhat of an open relationship. I figure I'll slow down some day, but until then I'll just keep my eyes open for a fun fucker and a best friend to share this life with.

What are some or you current and future projects?

I have a blog that I have been developing since last summer ( I have also played around with the idea of starting a website for a camera-house with a bunch of gay and bi-curious guys who are in college. The idea is that they are able to live at the house for free and get their college tuition paid for, provided that they pass their classes, play with themselves regularly, and fool around with each other every week or so. I like the idea of helping kids get to where they want to be in life while allowing them to have some fun along the way. It's all in the works, however, because I am waiting to mount some capital before really pursuing this business plan.

More about Adam Wirthmore:

Adam Wirthmore (Photo courtesy of FabScout Entertainment)

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Underground South Tampa prides itself on creative methods of training that continually diversify exercise routines to keep the mind and body constantly unaware of what is to come. It is a hybrid style of training that confuses the body, burns fat and builds muscle. Routines are based upon principles of suspension training, cross training, strength training, Pilates, core training, boot camp training, and cardiovascular training. 

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Caradonna Gay Friendly Dive Adventures

Caradonna Dive AdventuresWith a staff of avid divers and environmentalists, Caradonna's goal is to provide travelers wishing to explore, discover, and experience the marine world with sustainable and rewarding travel that will ensure that these experiences will be available for future generations.  They are an environmentally conscious company and work hand-in-hand with agencies such as the Reef Environmental Education Foundation.  They focus on sustainable dive tourism and social responsibility while still bringing the world's best diving vacations to their customers. You can get contact information and more after the Jump: Caradonna Worldwide Dive Adventures

Palm Beach Dramaworks Presents Frank Loesser's The Most Happy Fella

Love blooms in Napa Valley for an aging, unprepossessing grape farmer and a  young, world-weary waitress in Frank Loesser's achingly romantic The Most Happy Fella, opening Friday, July 18, 8:00 pm at the Don & Ann Brown Theatre on Clematis Street in downtown West Palm Beach. William Michals, who triumphed in the title role of last season's Man of La Mancha, returns to Palm Beach Dramaworks to play the Italian immigrant farmer Tony Esposito in this concert production. The show, which runs through July 27, is directed by Clive Cholerton, with musical direction by Howard Breitbart.

The Most Happy Fella is based on Sidney Howard's 1925 Pulitzer Prize-winning play They Knew What They Wanted, the story of two people so desperate to love and be loved that they almost ruin their chance for happiness. It is Loesser's most ambitious work: he wrote the libretto as well as the score, retaining Howard's basic plot while adding new characters including Tony's sister, Marie, and a secondary comic couple, Cleo and Herman. It took Loesser four years to write the piece, which features more than 40 songs ranging in style from soaring operatic arias and duets including "My Heart Is So Full of You" and "Somebody Somewhere," to rousing musical comedy numbers such as "Big D" and "Standing on the Corner." Although there are those who categorize The Most Happy Fella as an opera, Loesser called the show "a musical with a lot of music."

The show is on stage July 18 - 27 at the Don & Ann Brown Theatre and stars William Michals as Tony. You can get the ticket link and more information on Mark's List here: Palm Beach Dramaworks Presents Frank Loesser's The Most Happy Fella

LGBT Affirmative Therapy at Isaac Farin

LGBT Affirmative Therapy at Isaac Farin TherapyLicensed therapists Isaac Farin and Olivia Schlapfer Colmer specialize in LGBT affirmative therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, hypnotherapy, solution informed mindfulness therapy, Longboard Therapy®, depression management, substance abuse, stress and anxiety management, relational therapy, mindfulness and meditation therapy, collaborative therapy, grief and loss, pain management, sports therapy, spiritual and holistic approaches to treatment, solution focused brief therapy, solution oriented therapy, and Ericksonian therapy. Isaac is Co-developer of Longboard Therapy® You can get the office location and ore information on Mark's List here: LGBT Affirmative Therapy at Isaac Farin Therapy

Legally Blonde, The Musical at Lake Worth Playhouse

Elle Woods appears to have it all. Her life is turned upside-down, however, when her boyfriend, Warner Huntington, dumps her so that he can start getting serious about his life and attend Harvard Law. Determined to win him back Elle uses her charm to get into law school. At school she struggles with peers, professors, and Warner. With the help of her new friends, Paulette and Emmet, Elle quickly realizes her potential while pursuing her first criminal defense case.

Harvard's beloved blonde takes the stage by pink storm in this fun, upbeat musical about self-discovery. This musical is ridiculously enjoyable from start to finish. You can get the ticket link and find out more on Mark's List here: Legally Blonde, The Musical at Lake Worth Playhouse

Swinging Richards - New Weekly Lineup

Swinging Richards in Pompano Beach offers an exciting array of weekly events. Industry Night Tuesdays features free cover & VIP lounge entry with proof of employment. Happy hour includes $5 well drinks & $3 domestics until 11 pm. $5 cover. Enjoy no cover on Humpday Wednesdays. Thursday is College Night with free entry with valid student ID. Cover is $10 and includes 2-4-1 and happy hour until 11 pm. Friday & Saturday nights feature an all dancer revue at midnight, happy hour until 9 pm and $10 cover all night long. Sunday night is all about the Amateur Contest at 11 pm. Enter for a chance to win $300 in cash & prizes. $10 cover. Swinging Richards is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 pm to 2 am. More about Swinging Richards after the Jump: Weekly Lineup - Swinging Richards

Bourbon Street Pub Hosts "Texas Weekend" Featuring Chili Cook-Off

Grab your boots and cowboy hats. Bourbon St. Pub in Key West hosts "Texas Weekend" from Friday, July 25 to Sunday, July 27. Come see your favorite bartender dressed as a cowgirl when then Texas-themed weekend kicks off on Friday, July 25.  On Saturday, July 26, bring your appetite for the Texas Chili Cook-off  with tastings from 3 to 7 pm, and stick around for the award ceremony at 8 pm. Also, don't miss the pool party from noon to 5 pm and the amateur strip contest at midnight. Close out the weekend on Sunday, July 27 at the "Rode Hard, Hung Up Wet" pool party from noon to 5 pm. Be sure to get all the details of what's going on after the Jump: Bourbon Street Pub Hosts "Texas Weekend"

Club Aqua's Weekly Specials

Club Aqua features a gym, maze, steam room, pool Jacuzzi, dry sauna, showers, locker room and tropical garden. From Mondays to Fridays, check out the four hour special from 10 am to 2 pm featuring $15 rooms & $8 lockers. On Tuesdays & Thursdays, enjoy 50% off rooms and lockers from 4 pm to midnight. Admission is 18+ and free parking for all patrons. More information after the Jump: Club Aqua's Weekly Specials

Village Pub Hosts "Menergy" Summer Series Sunday Tea

It's raining men. Hosted by JC Ventura, Village Pub hosts "Menergy" Sunday Tea on July 27 starting at 5 pm. Look for great drink specials, including $10 Miller Lite draft beer bust until 9 pm and $4 Smirnoff until close. Also, catch tea classics by DJ Bill Hallquist all evening long. More information after the Jump: Village Pub Hosts "Menergy" Summer Series Sunday Tea

Summertime Burgers Fries and Shakes in Madison Square Park

Shake Shack Madison Square ParkBurgers, fries and milkshakes: The All-American Dream.  These menu items have been popular fast food staples for as long as anyone can remember.  It’s the type of food that just puts a smile on your face and always satisfies the most intense cravings.  When thinking about these types of foods, however, the idea of fast service and the in-and-out mentality come to mind.  Is there a way to enjoy a tasty burger, salty fries and an amazing, creamy milkshake without the hustle and bustle of sub-par traditional fast food eateries?

Shake Shack gained media attention in NYC due to the long lines that formed outside the original location in Madison Square Park.  With the fast paced lifestyle of NYC, any restaurant where people voluntarily wait in line must offer a great tasting menu. You can get the address and read more about the Madison Square Park location on Mark's List here: Shake Shack Madison Square Park, NYC

A Downtown Miami Tradition, Perricone's Marketplace & Café

Perricone's Market Mary Brickell VillagePerricone’s has a secret. Not only are they one of South Florida's best Italian restaurants, they also offer an exclusive gourmet market filled with authentic, hand-crafted Italian foods. From masterfully aged cheeses to artisan Italian desserts and breads, Perricone’s gourmet market offers you an incredible variety of old-world flavors and new-world treats. They hand craft over 35 different kinds of deli sandwiches to ensure you’ll find something just to your taste. You can find out about brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, wine and more on Mark's List here: A Downtown Miami Tradition, Perricone's Marketplace & Café

FIRST Lesbian Friendly Reproductive Services

First Lesbian Friendly IVFThinking about the taking the next step and starting a family? Florida Institute for Reproductive Services and Technologies, FIRST, is a center of excellence and a pioneer in the field of infertility treatment for same sex couples and single parent Gay or Lesbian families. Treatment is provided in a relaxed and supportive non-judgmental atmosphere. Dr. Minna Selub has been serving the LGBT community since 1991. Her patients receive the benefits of superior contemporary technology in a personalized and compassionate setting. Offering a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, FIRST knows that seeking to become a parent can be a stressful undertaking for those faced with inability to conceive without surrogacy or a sperm donor. Contact information can be found on Mark's List here: FIRST Surrogacy & Reproductive Services for Lesbian Families

Pet Project July Doggie Pool Party

Pet Project Doggie Pool PartySaturday July 26th, The Pet Project presents a Pool Party - for dogs and their human companions! Bring your loved ones and they can swim, play, frolic and have lunch with their canine friends. It all happens from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Hidden Treasures Thrift Store at 220 NW 9th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. More information about Pet Project after the Jump: Pet Project HIV/AIDS Animal Support

Gardenworks, Fort Lauderdale's Urban Garden Supply Store

Gardenworks Urban Garden Supply Store Fort LauderdaleGardenworks, on Oakland Park Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, is an incredible resource for all of your urban gardening needs. The store carries everything from native and exotic plants, trees and shrubs, to landscaping materials like pots and planters, mulch and stone. From landscaping stones to boulders, this is the best garden center, with the widest variety of plants that we have found in the city. You will also find a selection of full grown bamboo, palm trees and other large shrubs that just can't be found at a big box retail store. You can find out more about the store on Mark's List: Gardenworks, Fort Lauderdale's Urban Garden Supply Store

Bill's Presents Annual "Bartenders' Boxers & Briefs Underwear Auction"

Bill's Filling Station proudly presents the annual "Bartenders' Boxers & Briefs Underwear Auction" benefiting Tuesday's Angels on Monday, July 28 starting at 8 p.m. Bid on your favorite local bartender's briefs or boxers to support a great cause. MC and auctioneers include Miss Kitty, Russell from the Stable & Nikki Adams. Other bidding items include a 50/50 raffle and a silent auction. More information about Bill's after the Jump: Bill's Presents Annual "Bartenders' Boxers & Briefs Underwear Auction"

NGLTF Presents $227,509 Check to Miami Foundation’s GLBT Community Projects Fund

With more than 150 supporters, volunteers, charity representatives and VIPs in attendance, Russell Roybal, deputy executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, presented a giant check in the amount of $227,509 to The Miami Foundation’s GLBT Community Projects Fund.  The donation represents a significant share of the combined net proceeds from the 2014 Winter Party Festival and the 17th Annual Miami Recognition Dinner, both of which are held in Miami Beach. These proceeds will be distributed to local LGBT organizations via Foundation grants with the remainder of the proceeds going to support the important work of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to build power, take action and create positive, lasting change for LGBT people and their families throughout the country.

“The Task Force has been working in Miami since the days of Anita Bryant,” Roybal said. “We have a special and unique relationship with South Florida and the people here. It is thanks to these people – the volunteers, sponsors and guests who attend our two events – that this incredible donation has been possible.”

The donation amount was announced at a July 17 reception at Bacardi USA’s national headquarters in Miami with Charisse Grant, senior vice president for programs, accepting on behalf of The Miami Foundation.  Since taking over responsibilities for Winter Party Festival and the Miami Recognition Dinner, the Task Force has contributed more than $1.85 million to South Florida grassroots LGBT organizations.

"We are grateful to the Task Force and hundreds of volunteers and donors who pour their passion into making these events bigger and better every year," said Grant in accepting the donation. "They do more than give their time and charitable dollars. They give immeasurable inspiration and hope to the thousands of LGBT residents who benefit from the community programs their gifts support."

Also in attendance at the reception were several representatives from 2013 grant recipient organizations.  These leaders represented organizations as diverse as the South Florida LGBT and allied community itself, including the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts; Family Counseling Services of Greater Miami, Inc.; Foster Care Review, Inc.; Miami Beach Gay & Lesbian Film Festival; Pridelines Youth Services; SAVE; Survivor's Pathway Organization; and Switchboard of Miami.

Eat at Chipotle and Support the Smart Ride

Chipotle will be donating 50% of proceeds to The Pride Center's team from 11:30 am  until until 2:30 pm on Tuesday July 29th at the Federal Highway location near Whole Foods (1736 N. Federal Hwy, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304). Be sure to bring in a flyer, show one on your smartphone or simply tell the cashier and 50% of proceeds will be donated to the team. More information about the Pride Center can be found on Mark's List here: Pride Center Fort Lauderdale, Smart Ride 10

Indulge Yourself at Island House in Key West

Island House Key WestWouldn't you like to disconnect and take a relaxing vacation, away from the outside world? Of course you would, who wouldn't? Island House is one of the complete Gay resorts that Key West has to offer. With a steam room, weight room, indoor/outdoor jacuzzi and many other amenities, this resort will have you wishing you were on a permanent vacation. More information about Island House after the Jump: Island House, Key West

Celebrate International Tiger Day at the Palm Beach Zoo

Celebrate International Tiger Day at the Palm Beach Zoo on July 29, 11:00 am to 3:30 pm. Malayan tigers, Mata and Berapi, call the Palm Beach Zoo home! This annual global event brings attention to the preservation of tigers. It is both an awareness day and a celebration, founded at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010 because wild tigers are too close to extinction. Many animal welfare organizations, including the Palm Beach Zoo, have pledged to help these endangered creatures, and are still helping to raise funds to reach this goal. The goal of Tiger Day is to promote the protection and expansion of the wild tigers habitats and to gain support through awareness for tiger conservation. You can find the location and hours of operation after the Jump: Celebrate International Tiger Day at the Palm Beach Zoo

Wanna Get Animal? Check Out Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo or Zoo Miami

Florida's Summer Guide
Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo features a large collection of Florida animal species, more than any other zoo. The Florida animals include Key Deer, American Alligators, Flamingos, Roseate Spoonbills, Florida Panthers, American Crocodiles, North American River Otters and many other species. The zoo also features several hands-on exhibits, including Lorikeet feeding, stingray feeding, camel rides, an interactive discovery center, a petting area, a river ecotour and West Indian Manatee encounters. The most recent addition to the zoo is Safari Africa, which houses African elephants, giraffe, Grevy's Zebra, White Rhinoceros, shoebill stork, okapi, meerkats and other African species. Miami's Metro Zoo offers visitors over 100 exhibits spread out over 740 total acres. The zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals, representing over 500 species, 40 of them on the endangered species list. Visitors can peruse the collection on over 3 miles of walkways, but getting around the zoo is easy. There are bikes for rent and for an aerial view of Zoo Miami, hop on the air-conditioned Monorail. With four convenient stops throughout the Zoo, the Monorail is a great way to see and learn about the animals. Use the underlined links in the body of the article to get more information about the zoos.

Gay Writes – Stonewall Writers Group

Stonewall Writers Group share your story.Wednesdays, July 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30  from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm, at Stonewall National Museum & Archives on Sunrise Blvd. Gay Writes gives writers a weekly opportunity to share their work, gain valuable feedback and discuss the challenges and joys of writing with others in an LGBT affirming space. All genres and walk-ins welcome. Please be LGBT or otherwise writing about an LGBT character. Currently a mixed group of nine meets regularly to read a maximum of 5 pages each week. You can find contact information and more about the weekly event right here: Gay Writes – Stonewall Writers Group, Fort Lauderdale

Got a Mystery Plant in Your Yard? Fairchild Will Identify It

Is there a flower, bush, tree or some other plant in your garden that you can't identify? Then, bring it to Fairchild Tropical Garden’s Herbarium on the first Friday of the month at 1:00 pm and let their botanists and scientists uncover its identity. Don't bring the entire tree or a photograph, a real cutting is needed and will do! Space is limited to the first twelve people that reserve online. The Plant ID Workshop is held at Fairchild's Center for Tropical Plant Conservation in the front seminar room. You can get the location of the garden here: Need a Plant Identification? Fairchild Does It!

The Brass Evolution, a Classic Rock & Roll Band at Starlight Musicals

For 36 years, the Fort Lauderdale Parks and Recreation Department has presented the Starlight Musicals concert series sponsored by Bank of America. These free outdoor concerts have provided a great way to enjoy the summer with family and friends. This week, Friday August 1st, the series features the Brass Evolution, a Classic Rock & Roll Band. The shows takes place from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm on the football field at Holiday Park, which is located at East Sunrise Boulevard and Federal Highway. Residents and visitors are encouraged to bring lawn chairs, picnic baskets, and coolers. Pets are not permitted in Holiday Park, so no dogs, gators or apes please. The next few weeks include an exciting line up of bands covering pop, country, rhythm and blues, tropical rock, and more. We'll keep you posted on Mark's List!

Noises Off at Carrollwood Players Theatre

Noises Off by Michael Frayn is often called the funniest farce ever written. As the play within a play unfolds, we meet an ambitious director and his troupe of mediocre actors. The cast and crew are putting together a silly sexy comedy titled, Nothing On - a single-set farce in which lovers frolic, doors slam, clothes are tossed away, and madcap hi-jinx ensue!

The cast includes Sara (Connolly) Eberhard as Dotty Otley / Mrs. Clackett, Thomas Pahl as Garry Lejeune / Roger, Mandy Fields as Brooke Ashton / Vicki, Jack Parry as Frederick Fellowes/Philip Brent and Stacy Rein as Belinda Blair/ Flavia Brent.

You can get the ticket link and find the location of the theatre on Mark's List here: Noises Off at Carrollwood Players Theatre

Stoli Guy Competition Comes to Village Pub

Stoli Guy Competition at Village PubLooking for a great night OUT in Fort Lauderdale? Want to check out some sexy guys competing for a trip to New York, a modeling gig with Stoli and $10k from GayCities? Join Mark's List and GayCities when we help Stoli choose the next Stoli Guy at Village Pub in Wilton Manors! The Fort Lauderdale throw down happens on Saturday, August 2nd. The time has yet to be determined, so we'll update this article when we know. You can find out more about Village Pub on Mark's List here: Stoli Guy competition at Village Pub in Wilton Manors

First Sunday SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch Fort Lauderdale

The SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch is the perfect way to relax and enjoy Fort Lauderdale’s historic and scenic Riverwalk. This free, live, outdoor concert series brings the area’s best local jazz music artists along with unique craft and art vendors displaying handmade goods. Listen to the soulful sounds on at least three different stages the first Sunday of every month from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. There's also plenty of food from local restaurants and lots of booze to get you in the groove. The SunTrust Sunday Jazz Brunch is sponsored by SunTrust and is produced by the City of Fort Lauderdale’s Parks and Recreation Department. Just head downtown and park in the Himarshee or Arts area.

The Whale at Key West's Red barn Theatre

Key west's Red Barn Theatre presents The Whale, the story of a 650 pound, grief-stricken, guilt-racked man seeking reconciliation with his estranged daughter. At times hilarious, and others heart-breaking, the play stars one of Key West’s comic gems, Chad Newman, in a rare but riveting dramatic performance, supported by Melody Moore, Quincy Perkins, Julia Tetreault, and Tammy Shanley. Winner of the Lortel, Obie, and Drama Desk Awards last year. The Red Barn was originally built as a carriage house in 1829. In 2002, the Red Barn underwent a massive renovation that added permanent space for a rehearsal hall, scenery shop workspace, costume storage, dressing rooms, restrooms and a box office. You can get the location and ticket link on Mark's List here: The Whale at Key West's Red barn Theatre

Re-Designing Women at Fort Lauderdale's Empire Stage

Jamie Morris is at it again with his latest parody, this time the hit TV show Designing Women, makes it's way to the Empire Stage as Re-Designing Women. Performed in drag, the women of the Atlanta-based Sugarbaker Design Firm are plagued by the faltering economy and on the brink of collapse when vapid ex-beauty queen Suzanne has an idea to save the business by pitching a reality show. Soon camera crews are following the antics of the four Southern belles, their ex-con delivery man and their daffy family friend. The producers get more than they bargain for and plenty of zany footage of Julia’s high-charged tirades, Mary Jo’s cocktail-infused, tell-all testimonials and Charlene’s down-home, hillbilly, there’s-got-to-be-a-point-to-this-story material. The show is a hysterical hit and you can get the ticket link and more information on Mark's List here: Re-Designing Women at Fort Lauderdale's Empire Stage

The Steakation at Rosie's Bar & Grill

rosies bar grill wilton manors salads seafood wrapsBy now you've probably tried dozens of Rosie's award winning burgers and you've probably pigged out on the amazing Sunday Brunch... repeatedly. But did you know this burger and brunch extravaganza also serves incredible salads, wraps and unbelievable seafood? There's even a guilt-free menu! Our favorite salad is the Steakation (pictured above). It's a bowl of mixed greens tossed in a sweet onion dressing with diced tomatoes, crumbled blue cheese, crispy flash fried onion rings and a flat iron steak cooked to your favorite temperature. If you're looking for seafood there's everything from pink shrimp to the catch of the day and even a Fish Reuben! That's right, fish served like a Reuben. It's the catch of the day with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Thousand Island on toasted rye bread. Wondering more about what's happening at Wilton Manors favorite restaurant? You can find it all after the Jump: The Steakation at Rosie's Bar & Grill

Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (FLGLFF) Doubles Film Schedule

The 6th Annual Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (FLGLFF) is doubling the number of films it will present and extending the schedule to 7 days this year, announced Mark Gilbert, board chair and interim festival director. The expansion comes following a hugely successful FLGLFF in 2013 that saw record attendance and ticket sales. Dates for the 2014 event will be Friday, October 10th through Sunday, October 12th, picking up again the following weekend, Thursday, October 16th with the Centerpiece film and party and continuing through Sunday, October 19th, 2014.

“Absolutely, last year was the best Fort Lauderdale Gay and Lesbian Film Festival ever,” said Gilbert. “Moviegoers truly embraced our line-up of films, our parties and the special guests who came to town. Clearly, the Fort Lauderdale community supports the film festival and we are thrilled to show our appreciation by bringing more films and more parties to this year’s event.

“As FLGLFF continues to emerge as a significant, stand-alone festival, it’s critical that we bring the best, newest films available to our audiences,” Gilbert continued. “While we will show a couple of the favorite films from last May in Miami, the Fort Lauderdale festival will definitely not be ‘Miami, the Sequel’. It will be its own, unique experience.”

To bring that unique experience to FLGLFF, Gilbert has hired noted film festival programmer Joe Bilancio from the Rehoboth Beach and Miami gay and lesbian film festivals as programmer for FLGLFF 2014.

Along with a new programmer and the expansion of FLGLFF films, a new venue has been added this year. Films will now be shown at The Classic Gateway Theatre, 1820 East Sunrise Boulevard, and Cinema Paradiso, 503 SE 6th Street.

As screenings and special events are finalized, Gilbert says filmgoers should check the website frequently and sign up for e-mail announcements at You can also get more information on Mark's List here: 

How 'bout Sushi & A Stroll, Summer Walks At Morikami Museum

Florida's Summer Guide
Summer nights in South Florida are something special, especially when they are augmented with taiko drums and a cultural backdrop that can't be beat! Add a cold drink, a breathtaking sunset and a walking path through a tranquil garden, and you've got Sushi & Stroll Summer Walks! Join Mark's List every second Friday evening from May through September. 2014 dates include May 9, June 13, July 11, August 8, and September 12, 2014. You can get the location and learn a lot more about this amazing museum on Mark's List here: Sushi & Stroll Summer Walks at Morikami Museum

Zumba® Fitness at Island City Park Preserve

Zumba® Fitness at Island City Park PreserveAre you ready to party yourself into shape? Forget the workout, just lose yourself in the music and find yourself in shape at the original dance-fitness party. Zumba® classes happen every Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Island City Park Preserve in Wilton Manors. Zumba® features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats. Before you know it, you'll be getting fit and your energy levels will be soaring! It's easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating. Join the Party!

Four Play Thursdays at Hunters

Fourplay Thursdays at HuntersThursdays at Hunters involve a lot of Four Play! Happy hour is from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm and then the Four Play begins! From 9:00 pm until close choose your way to drink on the cheap. Option 1. $3 Long Island Ice Teas, 2. $3 Weed Wackers, 3. $3 Fireballs or 4. $10 draft beer bust ($5 draft beer bust with college ID). Wondering where Hunters is located? You can find out on Mark's List here: Four Play Thursdays at Hunters

Henry Perez Photography Exhibit: La Femme en Noire at Blanc

Henry Perez Photography Exhibit La Femme en Nore et BlancYou've seen him with his camera at LGBT events all over South Florida and now Henry Perez presents a  photography exhibit entitled La Femme... en Noir et Blanc. A Miami local, the exhibit is a study of and about women, capturing their inner and outer beauty in familiar and sometimes peculiar surroundings and circumstances.

The photos are all shot in digital black and white, and have not been doctored or Photoshopped in any way, as a way of preserving their natural, raw state. In the exhibit, each subject or group of subjects is represented by a total of four different images. Most of the subjects have been instrumental in contributing to the surroundings and/or the style of their shoot, as the artist wanted them to feel comfortable and at ease, while he captured the simple joy of being a woman.

Perez states, "I started working on this series about one year ago and have compiled a fairly large amount of images," all of which will be projected onto a large screen during the opening night reception on Friday, July 25th, with several 16x24 printed images on display for the duration of the exhibit. All images, as well as a coffee table book, will be available for purchase. Following the opening, the show continues through Friday, August 8 and can be viewed daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You can get the location of the gardens and find out more about the exhibit on Mark's List here: Henry Perez Photography Exhibit: La Femme en Noire at Blanc

Wynwood's Eclectic Hotspot Cafeina Lounge

Nestled in the heart of the Wynwood Art District, Cafeina is singular. A joint, lounge, gallery and tapas-style restaurant, the eclectic hotspot layers art upon nightlife upon celebrated cuisine for something completely different. Encompassing all that is exciting about this burgeoning neighborhood, Cafeina is dark, sultry and exotic—a kind of elegant hipster’s paradise. Inside this manor-esque parlor, plush couches and smooth tables sit atop embroidered rugs. A dramatic chandelier gives the room a sensuous, dim glow—and while it’s still bright enough to see your Miniature Kobe Burgers, the room feels swank and sexy. You ca find out more about this hipster hotspot after the Jump: Wynwood's Eclectic Hotspot Cafeina Lounge

House Nightclub Hosts "My House Fridays" & "My Rules Saturdays"

House Nightclub hosts "My House Fridays" and "My Rules Saturdays" every week. House is a fully integrated concept nightclub based on the idea that there's no place like home. Created to stimulate your senses, this sophisticated and ultra modern nightclub is first and foremost a home. More information about HOUSE after the Jump: House Nightclub Hosts "My House Fridays" & "My Rules Saturdays" 

Feast for the Eyes & Palate, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

If not the coolest restaurant in America, Wynwood Kitchen and Bar (WKB) is certainly the coolest restaurant in South Florida. The over the top glam-fab establishment opened in December 2010, literally next door the Wynwood Walls, an urban art project that is considered to be one of the largest outdoor art installations in the world. WKB’s innovative global-Latino cuisine is created by executive chef Miguel Aguilar. The restaurant's menu is served tapas style, allowing guests the freedom to mix and match dishes and groups the freedom to share and taste from the many small plates available.

You can check out what we thought about the food and take a tour of the restaurant right here: Feast for the Eyes & Palate, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, Miami

Osteria del Teatro Authentic Family Italian Restaurant Miami Beach

This unpretentious appearing restaurant, both inside and out, has been located on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach for over twenty years. Osteria del Teatro sits on the corner of Washington and Espanola Way in the former Cameo Theater (now a nightclub) building. From about midnight to four or five a.m. this is probably the busiest intersection on Miami Beach, but the Osteria waits for a quieter time. Open in the evenings and closed on Sundays and holidays, this is an authentic family run Italian experience that is one of the best on Miami Beach, and we could probably claim among the best in South Florida. You can read our review and find out more on Mark's List here: Osteria del Teatro Authentic Family Italian Restaurant Miami Beach

For Improved Flexibility, Stretching Muscles is Key

Stretch Muscles for IMproved Flexibility When TrainingFlexibility refers to the range of motion around a joint. Flexibility is an essential component of overall fitness – just as important as muscular strength and cardio-vascular health. An adequate degree of flexibility will improve performance, speed up gains, and help prevent injuries.

Stretching before your work out will warm up your joints and muscles and prepare them for the work ahead. Stretch briefly before weight training and more extensively between sets and after your work outs. Longer stretching periods should precede every heavy duty cardio session from pounding a treadmill to outdoor interval training. Stretching after a workout of any kind will help your muscles and the body’s systems to cool down and aid in reducing muscle soreness. You can get the routines on Mark's List here: For Improved Flexibility, Stretching Muscles is Key

The Damrak Gin Bramble Proves... Gin is In!

Want to show off your cocktail prowess to your friends? Whip up a Damrak Gin Bramble at your next party. This is how you do it:  pour the first three ingredients into a glass tumbler and add the crushed ice. Stir and top up the glass with more ice. Slowly pour the liqueur over the ice. Garnish with a lemon slice and a blackberry.

•     1½ ounce DAMRAK GIN  
•     1 ounce Fresh lemon juice
•     1/3 ounce Simple syrup
•     1/3 ounce Blackberry liqueur

Kip Reynolds, Atlantic Properties Fort Lauderdale

Looking for a fantastic agent to help guide you through your purchase of a new home in Fort Lauderdale homes? Kip Reynolds, P.A., ABR has new listings to show in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you're looking for a condo, townhouse or detached home, Kip has the knowledge of the South Florida real estate market and will help you find your dream home.  You can get Kip's contact information and check out a few more properties on Mark's List right here: Kip Reynolds New Dream Homes

Fab Abs - Exercises for a Sexier Mid-Section

Ab muscle exercisesIf you want a physique that towers above the rest, a body that represents good health and manly discipline, you’ve got to show them your abs. Don’t do traditional sit ups because they wear and tear on your neck and back and they don’t isolate your abs enough to really make them work and develop. Don’t bother sending for an ab device promoted on TV by some washed-up celebrity bimbo. Don’t expect to flash killer, cut abs if you’re snarfing down lard burgers and guzzling Long island Ice Teas and failing to do regular aerobic exercise. Abs come from hard work and this article gives you several great exercises that will help you build a killer mid-section. You can read the article and get the full routine here: Fab Abs - Exercises for a Sexier Mid-Section

Square Dancing at Island City Park Preserve

LGBT Square Dancing at Island City Park PreserveOrganized in 1980, the South Florida Mustangs are the first LGBT International Square Dance Club. You’ll learn the ropes beginning with an allemande left and a do-si-do. All you need is a desire to have fun, positively no previous experience is required. Check it out any Thursday and join in the fun, meet the members and see if you'd like to add this activity to your social calendar. Already a square dancer? In addition to beginner classes, enjoy mainstream and plus levels with new graduates, advanced, and challenge levels. Questions? Feel free to call Ken (305) 343-1710; Randy (305) 458-1649; Tom or Chris (954) 525-8365. The dance fee is only $5, no charge to observe.

FIRST Gay Friendly Surrogacy

FIRST Florida Gay SurrogatesFlorida Institute for Reproductive Services and Technologies, FIRST, is a center of excellence and a pioneer in the field of infertility treatment for Gay couples and Gay men that want to start a single parent family. Offering a complete range of diagnostic and therapeutic services, FIRST knows that seeking to become a parent can be a stressful undertaking for Gay men faced with inability to conceive without surrogacy. Dr. Minna Selub has been serving the LGBT community since 1991. Her patients receive the benefits of superior contemporary technology and compassionate service in a personalized and welcoming medical office. Contact information and more can be found on Mark's List here: FIRST Surrogacy & Reproductive Services for Gay Families

LGBT Friendly Bella Smile Cosmetic Dentistry Fort Lauderdale

The folks at LGBT Friendly Dr Daniela Modesto's office in Fort Lauderdale can help you improve or maintain a pearly white smile. They not only perform routine dental procedures like fillings and crowns, but they also do exceptional cosmetic dentistry work, whitening and remedy other issues that you may have. You can find out more about this great Gay and Lesbian Friendly Dental office on Mark's List right here: LGBT Friendly Bella Smile Cosmetic Dentistry

Maximize Your Workouts with 4X Nutrition Center

The certified nutrition experts available to everyone who shops at 4X Nutrition Center in Fort Lauderdale doesn't just want to just sell you products, they want to help you make smarter, safer, cost effective and results-oriented choices that will help you reach your fitness and health goals. 4X Nutrition Center partners with industry leaders in supplementation, personal training and education to deliver answers to the problems you face while training. You can get the location and find out more on Mark's List here: Maximize Your Workouts with 4X Nutrition Center Fort Lauderdale

Physician Directed Weight Loss In Wilton Manors

Looking to lose weight in Wilton Manors? Regardless of whether you want to lose a few pounds or a major amount, call the office of Dr. William A. McClain, MD, Solarus Health, Rejuvenation and Spine Center. Physician Directed Weight Loss and new client specials are available at Wilton Manors newest medical office. Solarus now offers hCG and other packages that are clinically proven to help you lose inches. Immediate appointments are available. You can get the location and find out more on Mark's List here: Solarus Health, Physician Directed Weight Loss Wilton Manors

The Garage VV Delights Northwood Diners

The Garage VV is the sister restaurant of Little Moir's Foodshack and Leftovers located north of West Palm Beach in Jupiter. Michael Moir, owner of the Garage VV, strives to bring the sense of freedom of eating and drinking to their friends in the culturally rich and diverse neighborhood of Northwood, a historic area of downtown West Palm Beach. The Garage VV is proud to serve fresh food that can be enjoyed day after day. Every day they serve a completely different daily menu to keep your taste buds excited. The menu is diverse and ever changing but always includes seafood, beef, lamb and chicken and plenty of things for the non-meat-eaters too. You can get teh location info and check out more on Mark's List here: The Garage VV Delights Northwood Diners

Famous Italian at Joey's Wynwood

With it's location next to Miami's iconic Wynwood Walls, Joey’s is a casual, but chic modern Italian cafe. Staying fabulous at the epicenter of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami is no small task, but the restaurant has maintained its over-the-top reputation ever since being the first restaurant to open in Miami's trendiest downtown neighborhood in 2008.

The main dining room, with its polished concrete floor, now famous glass mosaic mural and white Italian marble tables makes Joey's comfortable enough for a relaxed supper or lunch with friends and elegant enough for a swanky dinner before taking in a show at the nearby Adrienne Arsht Center, Miami's performing arts complex. Food & Wine magazine hailed Joey’s tasty thin-crust pizza as one of the best pizzas in the United States. Local food critics have raved and national coverage appeared in the Wall Street Journal and Boston Globe. Recently Haute Living named Joey's the best pizza in Miami, no small feat in a town with a reputation for great pizza restaurants.

You can get the location, read up on what we liked and more after the Jump: Famous Italian at Joey's Wynwood

Cardio Mix with Josh Hecht at Esplanade Park

Looking to get fit or stay fit? The Riverwalk Trust presents  "Wellness in the Park", a lineup of free community health and fitness programs in Riverwalk Park. In addition to contributing to the health of Fort Lauderdale residents, the programs help create a more vibrant community along the New River. Cardio Mix with Josh Hecht happens twice weekly at 6:30 pm Mondays and Wednesdays in Esplanade Park near the Broward Center on Himmarshee Street in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Since this is an outdoor exercise program, times and dates are subject to change, especially in the summer, according to weather conditions. For more information, call (954) 468-1541.

Food Truck Mondays in Hollywood's Young Circle ArtsPark

hollywood artspark food truck mondaysInto food trucks? Well Mondays in Hollywood Florida will be like food truck Nirvana for you then! Check out over 25 different food trucks each week located on the sidewalks around the west side of the Young Circle ArtsPark. You'll find a gathering of South Florida's favorite trucks including the amazing Cheeseburger Baby,  Crazydilla, Top Fries, Purple People Eatery, 90 Miles (to Cuba), Ms. Cheezious, Miami Press, Monster Burger, Lucille's on Wheels and many, many more. The event is free (except for the food) and there's tons of free parking all over downtown Hollywood. More about the Food Truck Rally and the Hollywood Florida ArtsPark after the Jump: Food Truck Mondays in Hollywood's Young Circle ArtsPark

Take In A Jai Alai Game

Florida's Summer Guide
Billed as the "World's Fastest Game," Jai Alai is alive in Florida. The Dania Jai Alai fronton, located just east of Federal Highway in downtown Dania, delivers fast paced live game action like no other sport on earth. The Dania Jai Alia is open year around. The ball is typically recorded at speeds of 160 to 170 miles per hour, with world records over 200 MPH. The game is thought to be complex, but is actually incredibly simple. Teams of players compete, one from each team at a time or in doubles (like tennis), against each other in a round robin format until one team reaches 7 or 9 points. The court looks like an enormous racquetball court, about 50 yards wide. There are 6 professional Jai Alai frontons and one amateur fronton in Florida. You can find out more about the Dania Beach location, get  directions and competition times on Mark's List right here: Take in a Dania Beach Jai Alai Game

I think It's In My Head at Girls' Club Fort Lauderdale

Girls’ Club, a women's art gallery in Fort Lauderdale, is showing the Miami artist team TM Sisters, Monica and Natasha Lopez de Victoria in a a collaboration with the collection of contemporary art by women collected by Fort Lauderdale's Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz. After viewing works in the Bishop & Horvitz collection, the TM Sisters, who create their art in a range of media, have selected pieces that speak to the mysterious attraction the girls feel to each piece. Works in all media have been selected by the sisters for their vivid metaphysics: transforming figures, metamorphosis, supernatural mysteries, telepathic communication, explosions of psychic power. Some works depict visible protagonists. In others, the viewer is the subject, witnessing the magic internally.

The exhibition includes works by internationally renowned artists Barbara Kruger, Jenny Holzer, Ana Mendieta, and current practitioners on the world stage such as Tracey Emin, Lorna Simpson and Catherine Opie are also being shown. South Florida local artists are featured as well and include Harumi Abe, Jen Stark, Samantha Salzinger and a few more. The art is on display from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday through September 26.

You can get the location of the Girl's Club on Mark's List here: I think It's In My Head at Girls' Club Fort Lauderdale

27th Colorado AIDS Walk August 16th, 2014

AIDS Walk Colorado in Denver is the Rocky Mountain Region’s largest and most successful HIV and AIDS fundraiser. More than 8,000 people from throughout the state come together as a community, fueled by donations from more than 13,000 individuals, to raise money for vital services for HIV/AIDS clients of Colorado AIDS Project and more than 20 other outstanding AIDS service organizations. You can find the registration link and get more info on Mark's List here: 27th Colorado AIDS Walk August 16th, 2014

2014 Pridelines Youth Services Masquerade Ball

Pridelines Youth Services, South Florida’s oldest LGBTQ service agency, is proud to announce its annual gala to support the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and questioning community. Pridelines’ Masquerade Ball, presented by Jim Tyrrell, Jay Richard DiBiaso and Roger Thomson, will take place Saturday, August 16, at 6:30 p.m. at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. Tickets are on sale now for $150 per guest or $1,500 for a table of 10.

“An evening of elegance and romance, reminiscent of Venice’s Carnival, ‘Pridelines' Masquerade Ball’ will undoubtedly be one of the community's most enjoyable events of the year,” said Victor Diaz-Herman, executive director of Pridelines. “Masquerade will feature a silent auction, cocktail reception, and a formal dining experience along with entertainment and dancing,” he added.

Performing at Masquerade will be Noel Leon, JesiMixx and DJ Sayho. Guests are encouraged to wear elaborately decorated masks in keeping with the Masquerade theme, Diaz-Herman said, adding that Beatnix in South Beach is offering a 20% discount on masks to customers who mention the Pridelines Masquerade Ball.

Proceeds benefit Pridelines Youth Services, South Florida’s oldest service agency dedicated to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community and their straight allies. Pridelines’ mission is to support education and empower South Florida’s LGBTQ youth in safe and diverse environments, and to promote social change through dialogue. Pridelines provides nightly programs, Youth Enrichment Activities, HIV testing and support groups, meals and snacks, a David Bohnett Cybercenter, and the only drop-in center in Miami-Dade County for the LGBTQ community. Most importantly, Pridelines provides referral services for youth who are at-risk of or dealing with issues such as suicidal ideation, substance abuse, physical abuse, as well as emotional abuse at home, in school or on the streets. Pridelines is also dedicated to providing wrap-around services, safe spaces, and affirming environments for Homeless LGBTQ youth.

Tickets are available at Table host and sponsorship opportunities are also available on the website or by contacting Diaz-Herman or (305) 571-9601 ext. 3

Pandora Events Presents "The Women's Signature Event of Charlotte Pride"

Hosted by Whitney Mixter ("The Real L Word"), Pandora Events presents "The Women's Signature Event of Charlotte Pride" at the Maringy Nightclub on Saturday, August 16. Join your favorite ladies for a Southern-style Pride and experience Charlotte Pride 2014 to the fullest. Alison Burgos, Amy Alonso & Yesenia Leon, are the women behind Pandora Events and this powerhouse lesbian event production company from South Beach have created and/or produce some of the hottest women’s soiree’s in the country. More information after the Jump: Pandora Events Presents "The Women's Signature Event of Charlotte Pride"

Gay Nuptuals Wedding Showcase in Wilton Manors

Bobby Kyser, the owner of Panche Style, a Wilton Manors-based floral design and events planning firm, is presenting the first annual South Florida Gay Nuptials wedding showcase.  The event will be held on August 17, from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Hagen Park Community Center in Wilton Manors. The event will feature 35 local vendors that offer a wide variety of wedding ceremony services to same sex couples, including venues, catering, flowers, invitations and more.  

According to Bernadette Coveney Smith, the author of The Business of Gay Weddings, the national Gay and Lesbian buying power is estimated at $790 billion and with marriage equality on the horizon in Florida, Gay weddings are expected to continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Nationally-known diversity trainer Doug Cureton will be on hand to offer wedding vendors etiquette hints and methods for breaking down stereotypes at a private industry professionals luncheon from noon to 1:00 pm. Cureton is the founder of CreativiTEAM, Inc., a training and leadership consulting firm in Fort Lauderdale and owner of Some Men like it Haute fashion consignment store in Wilton Manors.  Kyser also will be presenting advice for planning equality-based weddings.

Tickets for Gay Nuptials are $20 and can be ordered online at or by calling (954) 356-9377.  All proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to The Pride Center at Equality Park, which provides a welcoming, safe space for the LGBT community.

Sponsorship and vendor booths, ranging from $100 to $5,000, also are available by calling (954) 356-9377.

Galliano Ristretto and Coke

Tired of the formula for boring? Has the routine of rum and coke after rum and coke become monotonous? Why not switch things up this weekend with a Galliano Ristretto and Coke. Galliano Ristretto is infused with Italian Espresso. It's another simple cocktail recipe that gets you into the party groove and at the same time adds an air of class to your cocktail party. All you need is a bottle of Galliano Ristretto and some Coca-Cola. 

Ristretto and Coke Recipe
1 & 1/2 shots Galliano Ristretto
Top it off with ice and coke

Infinity Lounge, Sophisticated Cocktails in WilMa

Infinity Cocktail Lounge Wilton ManorsInfinity lounge is a boutique sized social spot that serves up fabulous martinis and specialty cocktails. The lounge, located on the first floor of the Gables Complex in the heart of Wilton Manors (Fort Lauderdale's LGBT neighborhood), delivers on the promise of being an intimate, chic setting with sexy lounge, Jazz music and people that like to socialize. Cocktails and conversation with casual sophistication! More about this great bar after the Jump: Infinity Cocktail Lounge Wilton Manors

St Petersburg City Theatre Presents Summer Shorts

Just in time for the dog days of August, St Petersburg City Theatre Presents Summer Shorts. What are Summer Shorts? Cool one -act plays for an evening of summertime entertainment! Comedy, light drama and witty stories penned by local and national playwrights. So, bring your friends and enjoy an rather amazing selection of summer stories. This first annual salute to playwrights is presented by Raymond James and happens August 15th, 16th and 17th. You can find the location, ticket link and lots more on Mark's List here: St Peterburg City Theatre Presents Summer Shorts

Wilton Manors Weekend Green Market

Wilton Manors Weekly Weekend Green MarketThe weekly Wilton Manors Green Market happens on Saturdays and Sundays year 'round from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Wilton Manors City Hall / Hagen Park parking lot. The Market features organic produce, regular produce, international baked goods, specialty items, spices & herbs, soups, cheeses, coffees & tea, bagels, nuts & dried fruits, baked goods, and various other international and local vendors. The Market gives residents and visitors to Wilton Manors an exciting shopping alternative and a chance to view, sample and purchase local produce and products. For more information on The Market or to become a vendor, please visit or contact Frank and Ron at (954) 531-5363.

New Meat Wednesdays at Boardwalk Fort Lauderdale

Boardwalk presents the sexy New Meat Contest Hot Boys Audition on Wednesday nights. Come see South Florida's hottest beefcakes strut their stuff or audition yourself for your chance to win cash and prizes. Special performances,  Boardwalk's dancers from all around the world, music by DJ Ryan Maragh and don't forget the Wednesday night special, $0.75 drinks from 9:00 pm until midnight. More information about Boardwalk bar in Fort Lauderdale after the Jump: New Meat Contest at Boardwalk

Rufskin Chelsea - Sexy, Masculine & Athletic

Rufskin, located in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, started from a desire to fill a void in men’s fashion, a well-cut, sexy men’s jean. The business grew from its original artisan denim line that was created in a garage in San Diego, into a global menswear company with swimwear, underwear and athletic wear lines. Rufskin is built on the foundation of being at once vintage, sexy, masculine, athletic, futuristic and above all, well crafted. You can get the address and find out more on Mark's List here: Rufskin Athletic Men's Clothing New York City

Mid-Life 2! (The Crisis Continues) at Actors Playhouse

With the book, music and lyrics by Jim Walton & Bob Walton, Mid-Life 2! (The Crisis Continues) is on stage at Actors Playhouse in Coral Gables from July 16 - August 17, 2014. Brand new, hot off the press, and just as hilarious as it's predecessor Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical, that performed to critical acclaim at Actors' Playhouse in the summer of 2008. Mid-Life 2! (The Crisis Continues) takes us back into our middle ages with a hilariously tuneful look at the ever-growing legion of Mid-Lifers. Sketch comedy and musical comedy combine in this very funny and entertainingly witty new musical, guaranteed to serve up reflections of all our lives. You can get the location and ticket link after the Jump: Mid-Life 2! (The Crisis Continues) at Actors Playhouse

$14.99 Oil Changes at Bill Tyson's in Palm Beach

Bill Tyson's full service LGBT Friendly automobile maintenance and repair services include everything from “while you wait” services like quick oil changes or a wheel alignment to virtually every major mechanical repair your car might need. They even provide complementary rides to you when there is a major service needed like a transmission flush, brake repair and new tires or other full service repair. 

For a limited oil changes using synthetic oil are only $14.99. Be sure to tell them you saw the deal on Mark's List! There are two convenient Palm Beach county locations and you can find them on Mark's List here: 

Men's Nude Yoga at Push Fitness in Fort Lauderdale

Men benefit just as much from a regular yoga routine as women and men are increasingly turning to yoga for exercise. Here are a few reasons why yoga is gaining traction among men: Yoga alleviates hip, back, knee and other joint pains and injuries. Ultimately yoga will make you more flexible, light and in many ways stronger than any other type of exercise regimen. Yoga is not competitive and so you will learn how to challenge yourself without the stress of trying to keep up. Once you begin to feel the physical improvement of a yoga regimen on your body, you naturally begin to improve your diet habits and sleep patterns change. The poses, deep breathing and calm train your mind to stay grounded when stressed. Between the numerous physical, mental and overall health benefits, a yoga regimen will leave you feeling younger, better and stronger than you could have through any other singular exercise program.

If you're thinking yoga might be right for you, nude yoga at Push Fitness in Fort Lauderdale might be even better! You can get the contact information and sign up for a clothed or nude yoga class after the Jump: Men's Nude Yoga at Push Fitness in Fort Lauderdale

Bourbon Street Pub Hosts "Tropical Heat"

Bourbon St. Pub in Key West hosts "Tropical Heat" from Friday, August 15 to Sunday, August 17. Starting on Friday, August 15, don't miss the men's only pool party: "Splash" from noon to 4 pm. The event is clothing optional and free with VIP pass. The heat wave continues on Saturday, August 16 with "The Big O Exhibition Party" featuring foam, play areas, pool, Jacuzzi and hot exotic dancers. The event is from 10 pm and includes a free clothes check. The Bourbon St. Pub Complex now consists of the original Bourbon St. Pub, 801 Bourbon Bar, Pizza Joe's and the New Orleans House. Be sure to get all the details of what's going on after the Jump: Bourbon Street Pub Hosts "Tropical Heat"

First Class Dining at Jet Runway Cafe

At Jet Runway Cafe at Fort Lauderdale's Executive Airport, breakfast and lunch are served in an upscale environment, that is offset by it’s laid back atmosphere. With a slick jet and First Class air travel inspired decor, Jet Runway Café is a departure from your typical airport breakfast and lunch destination. Taking first class service from the air to the runway, their wait staff treats every guest of Jet Runway Café with the same detail to attention and attentiveness as a first class flyer. Swing open the cockpit doors and experience expansive views of private jets poised for take-off, industrial architecture, and a state of the art open kitchen… this is Jet Runway Café.

From breakfast sandwiches and Omelets to fancy things like Brioche Almond French Toast, Eggs Benedict and the Breakfast Burrito made with scrambled eggs, black beans, cheddar and jack cheese with fresh salsa in a toasted flour tortilla, the breakfast menu has something for people on the go or with time to relax. Our favorite things on the lunch menu are the Silver Lining Salad made with mixed Greens, chicken, toasted almonds, sundried cranberries, mandarin oranges, Roma tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, balsamic vinaigrette and the Philly Cheese Steak Flatbread topped with shaved ribeye, peppers, onions, mozzarella, horseradish cream.

You don't have to be traveling to dine at Jet Runway Cafe and you can get the location and more info after the Jump: First Class Dining at Jet Runway Cafe

Happy Hour at 13|Even in WilMa

Happy Hour at 13|Even Wilton Manors13|Even is the brainchild of Carol Moran and her hunny/life partner, Nancy Goldwin. The restaurant features an amazing Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. What's on deck? $5 Flatbreads, $5 Empanadas (we love 'em), $2.50 Session Lager, $2.50 Session Black, $2.50 Magic Hat Drafts and $5 Select Wines.

The restaurant's overwhelming appeal comes from it's rustic, simple furnishings and the tapas style menu that affords diners the opportunity to mix and match a variety of entrees and create an eclectic array of food to indulge on. Borrowing from many styles of cuisine and cultures, the menu is filled with updated and classic international and a little bit of American fare. You'll also find about 40 different kinds of craft beer being served along with over 40 kinds of wine, ready to pour. Location and lots more info after the Jump: Happy Hour at 13|Even Restaurant Wilton Manors

Artcade Opens on Miami Beach

Remember the good old video games like Gallaga, Centipede and Ms. Pac Man? They're back and you can find them at South Beach's new arcade, bar and art gallery! This new South Beach venue is located in a former art gallery that now features classic arcade games, art shows, craft beers and music. The classic arcade terminals feature favorites such as Pac Man, Ms Pac Man, Gallaga, Qbert, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Frogger. The multicade cocktail terminal allows players to choose from 60 classic games.

The walls display work of Miami based artists. The first art show, "More Than 2", is by Venezuelan artist Nestor Paz. His work is a mix of expressionism and modern cubism using bright colors, inspired from his Caribbean culture.

You can get the location and more deets on Mark's List here: Artcade Opens on Miami Beach

Days Without Sunshine: Anita Bryant’s Anti-Gay Crusade

Days Without Sunshine: Anita Bryant’s Anti-Gay CrusadeIn 1977 the Metropolitan Dade County Commission (Miami) added 'sexual preference' to its existing ordinance banning discrimination in employment, housing and public services. Anita Bryant was instrumental in repealing the gay-rights referendum. It's taken decades of effort, but LGBT people have made tremendous gains in equality, including more states allowing same-sex marriage. But we still face discrimination and bullying on many levels. The exhibit Days without Sunshine, in reminding us how far we've come, lets us know there's still more to do. You can get the location of the Museum and more info on Mark's List here: Days Without Sunshine: Anita Bryant’s Anti-Gay Crusade at Stonewall Gallery Wilton Manors

Southside's Delightful Hardy Park Bistro

The neighborhood around Florence C. Hardy Park and Southside School have been through their fair share of ups and downs over the years. With the reinvention and multi-million dollar re-purposing of Southside School into Southside Cultural Center, the up times are hopefully back to stay.

Philip Darmon, an Australian native and Hardy Park Bistro's chef-owner has created a simple urban masterpiece across the street from Hardy Park and just a few blocks south of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts and New River. The menu is changed weekly, with several appetizer and entrées added or removed based on what's in season. The place isn't fancy, but the crisp white tablecloths, blue and white napkins, along with wait staff all decked out in white give off an air of a serious foodie haven.

You can read our review and check out the menu after the Jump: Southside's Delightful Hardy Park Bistro

Fort Lauderdale River Ghost Tours

The historic Stranahan House Museum and Fort Lauderdale's Water Taxi offer an intriguing River Ghost Tour! This hour long trip through Fort Lauderdale's waterways includes a visit inside the Stranahan House, site of a (formerly) thriving trading post and town hall. You will be fascinated by the tales of Fort Lauderdale's most notorious spirits and ghosts. And who knows? You too might encounter spirits along the river.

The tours take place every Sunday night at 7:30 pm and the cost is $25 per person with a$10 cancelation fee. Advanced reservations are required and to make one you call (954) 524-4736.

Fort Lauderdale's Gay and Gay Friendly Attorneys

There are a lot of occasions when it simply makes sense to have someone on your side that understands your issues. Along with the plethora of services that are available to LGBT community in Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors are a cadre of Lesbian and Gay friendly attorneys. All of these exceptional attorneys have demonstrated their willingness to take on cases without judgment about your personal circumstances and are well versed and knowledgeable about how you are affected by the myriad of confusing and conflicting state and federal laws. For criminal cases, including DUI, we recommend Lorri K Fishman or Chris Mancini. For real estate, bankruptcy, wills, trusts, probate, partnerships and divorce we suggest George Castrataro, Dean Trantalis or Robin Bodiford. Other local attorneys, each specializing in different areas of law include Shawn C. Newman., and David L Jacovitz.

Tre Amici Wine & Espresso Bar at the Bunker

Tre Amici Wine & Espresso Bar at the Bunker in Ybor City is not a cookie-cutter café chain – they focus on what the community needs and not what some corporate structure wants them to do. Tre Amici offers the best coffee and wine bar Ybor City has ever seen. They proudly serve organic/fair trade coffee and espresso, delicious teas, Italian sodas, imported beer and wine, pastries and a fresh mix of Italian and Cuban light fare including their original Ybor Sandwich. You can check out more about this cool urban coffee shop after the Jump: Tre Amici Wine & Espresso Bar at the Bunker

Summertime Skin Cancer Checkups and Treatment at Z-Roc Dermatology Fort Lauderdale

Early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers is essential because Skin cancer is highly treatable when discovered at an early stage. Everyone should be checked by a dermatologist regularly, but people that are active outdoors, particularly in the sun, should increase the frequency of dermatological visits for full-body skin checks. You should also visit a dermatologist immediately upon noticing suspicious lesions. In addition Book an appointment at Z-ROC Dermatology in Fort Lauderdaleto regular checkups for skin cancer, doctors Matthew Zarraga D. O. and Khonnie Wongkittiroch D. O. specialize in treatments for the cosmetic aspects of sun damage including topical bleaching creams, retinoids, moisturizers and chemical peels. Lasers and light devices are also particularly useful in the treatment of sun damage and can also be performed in their Fort Lauderdale office.

If you're out in the Florida sun a lot this summer, or just want to get checked for skin conditions, why not schedule a visit today? Summertime Skin Cancer Checkups and Treatment at Z-Roc Dermatology Fort Lauderdale

Sunday Brunchic at Palace

There's always something fabulous happening at Palace. Featuring unlimited mimosas and drag shows all day long, check out Sunday Brunchic every week. With two seatings at 11:30 am & 2 pm, order your favorites from the delicious new brunch menu. Still hungry for more fun? Don't miss the T-Dance at 4 pm. Be sure to grab all the details after the Jump: Sunday Brunchic at Palace

Take An Everglades Airboat Ride & Visit Ted Smallwood's Store

Florida's Summer Guide
Captain Jack's mangrove airboat tour and Swamp Buggy rides in Florida's Everglades deliver loads of fun. You'll feel the wind in your face as you skim the surface of the water, zipping through twisting mangrove tunnels. You'll see unique Everglades plants and animals, including alligators. Your captain will entertain you with stories, folklore, history, and lots of fun animal and Everglades facts. Following your ride continue your journey down to Ted Smallwood's store on the western edge of the Everglades, deep in the heart of the 10,000 Islands. Chokoloskee Island has been called one of Florida's last frontiers and the Smallwood Store was founded in 1906 as a trading post for Everglades pioneers. You can find out more about the airboat tours here: Captain Jack's Mangrove Airboat Tour and you can find the historic trading post here: Ted Smallwood's Store

Thornton Park's Wildside... BBQ

Wildside BBQ Bar and Grill is a casual and fun restaurant centrally located in Orlando's Thornton Park Neighborhood. The restaurant serves award-winning BBQ as well as favorites like grilled chicken sandwiches, salads and incredible desserts.

The Mark's List gang loves the food. The salads are always fresh and the chicken is superb, but obviously you have to try the BBQ. The ribs are seasoned with a dry rub and then smoked for hours until they nearly fall off the bone. You'll also appreciate the generous portions and live entertainment. You can get the location after the Jump: Thornton Park's Wildside... BBQ

Original Art, Music & Cocktails at Fly Bar

With views of downtown Tampa's skyline from their rooftop deck, Fly Bar's signature cocktails use unique liquors & all fresh ingredients. You'll also find a great selection of micro-brews, imports, & an eclectic wine list filled with unique varietals that can't be found in every other (and in some cases any other) bay area bar. Vibrant original local art, great live music, & a friendly staff all contribute to Fly Bar's funky urban vibe.

Fly Bar is also at the top of most Tampanites weekend to do list because of its creative signature cocktails. We like the Barrel Aged Bijou (aged 6 weeks in merican oak barrels) made with spring 44 Old Tom Gin, Cocchi Vermouth, Colin Génépy & pine liqueur. If this sounds good, it's only the beginning of the intriguing concoctions you'll be tempted to try. You can find the location and get more info after the Jump: Original Art, Music & Cocktails at Fly Bar

A Happier Happy Hour at Georgie's Alibi St Pete

Georgie's Alibi in St. Petersburg has one of the most entertaining Happy Hour's in Florida. It’s obvious that careful planning (and two for one drinks) has caused them to excel in this area. So if you live in the St. Pete area, Alibi is a must for happy hour. One of the most popular gay nightclubs in the Tampa Bay area, the club has become a destination for the beach areas and most of southern Pinellas County. They’re always busy, so its a great place to meet guys and make new friends. You can find out more about this Bay area hotspot on Mark's List right here: A Happier Happy Hour at Georgie's Alibi St Pete

6 Natural Ways to Burn Fat Faster

Why take expensive fat burning pills when you can replace them with healthier, lower cost all-natural alternatives? In the best of all possible worlds you could take a pill, chug a potion or perform an exercise that would rid you of those love-handles and cellulite saddle bags. Unfortunately life is a bitch and the old adage “once on the lips, twice on the hips,” is a stark reality. Look in the mirror. Trainer Tom Bonanti presents 6 fabulous fitness tips and all natural vitamin and food supplements that will help you burn fat faster, speed up your metabolism and help you keep fat off for life on Mark's List here: 6 Natural Ways to Burn Fat Faster

Drew and Scooter Cavins' Mossfire Grille

When Drew and Scooter Cavins moved to Jacksonville from Denver, they wanted to share their passion for Southwestern food. They bought the Mossfire building in downtown's up and coming Riverside district. They created a restaurant with two outdoor patios and an interior with a rustic, eclectic charm. For over 15 years Mossfire Grill has been a neighborhood spot where locals and friends gather and get their fix of Southwestern cuisine and great drinks. You can check out the menu and find out more on Mark's List here: Drew and Scooter Cavins' Mossfire Grille

Florida's Everglades National Park & Shark Valley Visitors Center

A vast expanse of roughly 1.5 million acres spanning the width of Florida, Everglades National Park is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States and the third largest national park in the continental United States. Rich in wildlife, these mysterious wetlands are a photographer’s dream, brimming with opportunity for personal interaction with wading birds, charismatic alligators, frivolous otters, lounging turtles, and for those lucky enough, the Florida panther, the American crocodile, and West Indian manatee. Season and serendipity dictate wildlife sightings, but as a general rule migratory birds frequent during winter; and Amazing Gay Travelgators are more visible as the dry season ensues. From December to April the Everglades grow increasingly drier. During this time, wildlife congregates closer to watering holes, sometimes culminating in scenes of alligators piled one on top of the other. The wet season from June to October means more mosquitoes, lusher vegetation, and more accessible habitat area for park residents and hence less wildlife viewing. 

You can check out the full article on Mark's List after the Jump: Forgotten Florida: Shark Valley, Everglades National Park

Florida's Bok Tower Gardens & Singing Tower

Florida's Summer Guide
Week 15. Bok Tower Gardens or the Bok Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower is a 250 acre botanical garden and bird sanctuary, located north of Lake Wales, Florida. The 205-foot tall Singing Tower with its carillon bells, Pine Ridge Trail, Pinewood Estate, and a visitor center is built at the highest point of Iron Mountain, one of the highest points of peninsular Florida, estimated to be 295 feet above sea level. The Tower and Gardens are a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Under construction for over five years, Bok Tower Gardens was dedicated by President Calvin Coolidge on February 1, 1929. While the nearby theme parks of central Florida draw millions of visitors from all over the world, the Bok Tower, with a few thousand visitors a year, is a treasured piece of Florida history, an ode to a Florida many have forgotten. You can find out more about the Bok Tower on Mark's List here: Florida's Bok Tower Gardens & Singing Tower

Film Screenings in the Crest Theater at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts

From July 9 to August 27 film screenings are presented every Wednesday in the Crest Theater at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts at Old School Square. The screenings take place at 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm, with post-film discussions hosted by Caroline Breder-Watts. Tickets are $10. Delray Beach Center for the Arts members receive free admission. This summer's lineup of films includes The Grand Budapest Hotel on July 16, 2014. On July 23,  Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles, July 30, Nebraska, August 6, Led Zeppelin-The Song Remains the Same, August 13, All About Eve, August 20, Coen Brothers' Inside Llewyn Davis and wrapping up the season on August 27, Caddyshack. You can get the location and find nearby restaurants on Mark's List here: Film Screenings in the Crest Theater at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts

Chicago's Progress Bar Celebrates LGBT Chicago

The objective at Progress Bar is to create a venue that is more than a bar. The message is definitive and wrapped in hand created visuals designed to remind everyone how far we’ve come as an LGBT community. Progress and moving forward. together. With  a unique blend of talent that creates the incredible Progress Bar experience, the business is a concept unlike anything folks on Halsted have ever seen. The sexy bar is engineered to be visually impactful and conceptually profound in almost every way. With wide, open windows and an expansive floor plan, the space flows, breathes and welcomes Boystown. You can find out more about progress Bar on Mark's List here: Chicago's Progress Bar Celebrates LGBT Chicago 

Let's Get Soaking Wet -- H2OMBRE at Arsht Center

Arsht Center 2014 Summer Shows We've seen the premier and H2OMBRE Rocks the Summer! 

From the creators of De la Guarda comes the biggest event of Summer 2014 – H2OMBRE! Heart-pumping electronic music, aerial acrobatics, extravagant visuals, and water (more than 6,000 gallons a show!) transform the Center into an alternate universe where the audiences step onto the stage and are engulfed in a 360 degree experience!

Arsht Center Direct Ticket LinkWith state-of-the-art three-dimensional projection screens and monstrous inflatables, H2OMBRE is a wild follow up to the Arsht Center’s success with Fuerza Bruta. You’ll join the adventure as heroes have epic battles with mythical beasts and brave the elements!

The Jerusalem Post called H2OMBRE "A Multi-media extravaganza!" and the Argentina Independent declared "The soaked audience swayed and screamed with enthusiasm!" 

You can get more information on Mark's List here: H2OMBRE Leads Summer Lineup at Arsht Center! 

Latinos Salud & CDC Messages4Men Study

Messages4Men is a study to try out short health messages among black and Latino men who have sex with men (MSM). The goal is to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) develop better health information messages for these populations, based on new and emerging information. Latinos Salud is the CDC's Fort Lauderdale partner.

Latinos Salud was founded in 2008 to create a safe space for Latino Gay guys and their partners to find friends, support, and resources. The agency’s 13 staff members hail from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Whether they’re meeting one-on-one or staging a community event, Latinos Salud staff members work to make a stronger community.

There’s also a very serious purpose behind the agency’s work. The greater Ft. Lauderdale area (Broward County) currently ranks first in the nation in its rate of new HIV infections, and second in its rate of new AIDS cases. Latinos Salud’s programs give guys the skills they need to stay safe from HIV or to live healthier with HIV.  From the moment you enter here, you are treated like family.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please visit the “Get Started” page to find out if you’re eligible.

Center on Halsted & CDC Messages4Men Study

Messages4Men is a study to try out short health messages among black and Latino men who have sex with men (MSM). The goal is to help the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) develop better health information messages for these populations, based on new and emerging information. The Center on Halsted is the CDC's greater Chicago area partner.

The Center on Halsted is the Midwest’s most comprehensive community center. The staff is dedicated to advancing community and securing the health and well-being of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) people of Chicagoland. More than 1,000 community members visit the Center every day, located in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview Neighborhood.

Center on Halsted works hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment with programs and services for the entire community. Their programs range from volleyball, dance performances and cooking classes to rapid HIV testing, group therapy and vocational training. We partner regularly with other organizations and groups from across Chicago and the nation to provide additional programming for the community.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please visit the “Get Started” page to find out if you’re eligible.

Oxford Exchange, Gourmet Market, Restaurant & Bookstore

Originally built in 1891 as a stable for the Plant Hotel, located across the street, the historic Kennedy Boulevard building, now called Oxford Exchange, has gone through several adaptations in its 122-year history. In the 1920s, an arcade of shops ran through the center of the building from Kennedy to Grand Central, foreshadowing a future realized upon the building’s reopening in 2012 as a bookstore, event space, restaurant, coffee and tea shop. Bay area diners have come to expect an incredible dining experience at Oxford Exchange. The kitchen offers simple yet perfectly prepared meals and seasonal foods that feature locally sourced and organic ingredients whenever possible.

#SpreadOrangeLove with Damrak Gin at Village Pub

#SpreadOrangeLoveSip, Snap & Share! Lucas Bols, makers of Damrak Gin, Mark's List and Village Pub have teamed up to bring you #SpreadOrangeLove. Simply snap a photo and hashtag it with #SpreadOrangeLove while you're at Village Pub. Lucas Bols will donate a portion of all Damrak Gin sales at Village Pub to Smart Ride when you... Sip, Snap, Share #SpreadOrangeLove. You can find out more about the program and Village Pub after the Jump: #SpreadOrangeLove at Village Pub

Inspire Yoga, Sundays at The Dali

Join Inspire Yoga every Sunday at The Dali – a remarkable environment where Dali’s energy infuses the physical, mental and spiritual inspiration of yoga. Classes are held in the Raymond James Community Room or Avant-Garden, both with incredible views of the waterfront. 

Classes are vinyasa/ashtanga-based incorporating pranayama (breath work), asana (posture work), meditation and relaxation. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome. Practice as gentle or advanced as desired. Please arrive early on a light stomach, bring a mat and towel, and come ready to be inspired. Don’t have a mat? We have several on hand to lend. Enter through the Cafe Gala doors (Eastside Garden entrance) starting at 11:30AM.

Cost: $10 members and students, $15 non-members. Visit the galleries on the same day for only an additional $6. Please purchase tickets at Admissions and bring your receipt to class. 

You can get the location of the Dali Museum on Mark's List here; 

#SpreadOrangeLove at Village Pub

Sip, Snap & Share! Lucas Bols, makers of Damrak Gin, Mark's List and Village Pub have teamed up to bring you #SpreadOrangeLove. Simply snap a photo and hashtag it with #SpreadOrangeLove while you're at Village Pub. Lucas Bols will donate a portion of all Damrak Gin sales at Village Pub to Smart Ride when you... Sip, Snap, Share #SpreadOrangeLove. You can find out more about the program and Village Pub after the Jump: #SpreadOrangeLove at Village Pub

AIDS Walk Tampa Bay 2014 at Vinoy Park

It's time to form a team or start lining up sponsors for your walk... or you can simply donate. By walking, running or donating to the annual AIDS Walk Tampa Bay, you will help to provide much-needed resources to the AIDS Service Association of Pinellas, an HIV/AIDS organization that supports patients and members across the entire Tampa Bay Area. With your amazing support and the support of the Tampa Bay community, the Tampa Bay area can make a real difference to the many people impacted by HIV/AIDS in the Pinellas and Hillsborough counties. The 11th Annual AIDS Walk Tampa Bay will be held at Vinoy Park in Downtown St. Petersburg on Saturday, September 6th, 2014. Registration starts at 8:00 am, the Walk starts at 10:00 am. More information and registration link after the Jump: 2013 AIDS Walk Tampa Bay

Brazilian Artist Laura Vinci First American Solo Exhibition

Brazilian artist Laura Vinci makes her American solo exhibition debut at ArtCenter/South Florida with Untitled (from the series Papèis Avulsos, “Loose Papers”) at the Richard Shack Gallery through September 7. She is known as a sculptor, interdisciplinary artist, draughtswoman and engraver.

Vinci’s public installations have been exhibited across Europe, Australia, Brazil and throughout Latin America. Her work has been featured twice at Art Basel Miami Beach. A new book about the artist has recently been published by APC/Cosac Naify, which according to the publisher celebrates Vinci’s works which often deploy ephemeral materials. Hallmarks of Vinci’s work are changes of state, passages, transitions and metamorphoses of elements. The artist is renowned for subverting materials away from what they are normally known to represent. For her exhibition at ArtCenter, Vinci’s installations work together as an organic whole, similar to a body.

The exhibition is on view now and will continue through September 7th. You can get the location and details on Mark's List here: Brazilian Artist Laura Vinci First American Solo Exhibition

Climax Sundays are Back at Vinyl

Club Vinyl Climax Sundays 2014 DenverThe largest LGBT rooftop patio party in the nation is back in full force for it's 2014 season! DJ Tatiana, fire pits, hookah, go-go dancers, the best view of the city, grilled food, theme parties and free on-street parking. What more can you ask for? There no cover for people 21+, 18+ Welcome. You can get the location and deets on Mark's List here: Club Vinyl's Climax Sundays Summer 2014 Return

Erasure Begins World Tour at Fillmore Miami Beach

Erasure's Andy Bell and Vince Clarke
Immediately following the release of their latest studio album, The Violet Flame, Erasure's Vince Clarke and Andy Bell will begin their world tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach. Recorded in New York and London and produced by Richard X, The Violet Flame follows 2013’s critically acclaimed Snow Globe, and is the band’s sixteenth studio album release. The first single from the 10-track album will be released in mid July.
Erasure’s Violet Flame Tour hits The Fillmore Miami Beach on September 12th. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 6th at 10am on Ticketmaster or at

You can get venue location and more information after the Jump: Erasure Violet Flame World Tour at Fillmore Miami Beach


Chihuly Exhibition at Denver Botanic Gardens

Chihuly Denver Botanic Garden 2014Denver Botanic Gardens presents the Rocky Mountain Region's first major outdoor exhibition of artwork by celebrated American artist, Dale Chihuly. Chihuly's sculptures will add bold colors and dramatic beauty to the Gardens' 24-acre downtown Denver urban oasis. Chihuly is credited with revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement and elevating the perception of the glass medium from the realm of craft to fine art. He is renowned for ambitious architectural installations around the world that include cities, museums and gardens.
The garden's hours will be extended through the summer to accommodate the crowds expected. Summer hours will run June 14 to September 28 and be from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 9:00 pm on Saturday & Sunday. The Chihuly exhibition runs through November 30th and the gardens hours will return to normal after September 28th. 

You can find out more about the gardens and Chihuly exhibition on Mark's List here: 2014 Chihuly Exhibition at Denver Botanic Gardens

Chihuly Denver Botanic Garden 2014


Celebrate Orgullo 2014 Gay Latin Pride North Beach

Celebrate Orgullo® is conceived and organized by a group of volunteers who decided that it was time for Miami Beach to lead the way in honoring the cultural contributions of the LGBT Hispanic community. The event is free and open to the public, and a portion of the proceeds from the sale of food and beverages benefit the Unity Coalition's LGBT Youth Scholarship Fund and the year round programming of the Unity Coalition|Coalicion Unida, Inc. This year's event takes place Saturday October 4th at the North Beach Bandshell at 73rd and Collins. You can get more information about this annual evewnt after the Jump: Celebrate Orgullo 2014 Gay Latin Pride North Beach

Save the Date! River City Pride Jacksonville

In 1978, nine years after the Stonewall riots that gave birth to the gay rights movement, Jacksonville celebrated its’ first Gay Pride Festival with a large picnic at Willow Branch Park, thus becoming yet another city nationwide to be out and proud. The festival was eventually moved to its current site at Riverside Artist Square. The 2014 edition of River City Pride takes place on Saturday (Pride Parade) and Sunday (Pride Festival), October 4th and 5th. You can get the location and more info right here: Save the Date! River City Pride Jacksonville

Photo credit: Facebook, River City Pride

Florida's First Seed Food & Wine Festival - Miami

Seed Food & Wine Festival (SFWF) is the first plant-based food and wine festival in Florida. October 18th is Festival day and regardless of whether you are vegan, veggie-curious or just dig meatless Monday, anyone who enjoys fresh, locally-sourced food will appreciate SFWF. Thousands of enthusiastic festival-goers will converge in Midtown Miami for an all-day outdoor celebration of plant-based living. The lineup of talent includes virtually every major chef, author and proponent of eco-conscious plant based living. Festival Day will feature wine and craft beer tastings, food sampling, lifestyle products, crafts, a yoga lounge, a farmer's market, the VIP spirits lounge and a main stage. There will also be two tents featuring a variety of workshops and cooking and gardening demos. Recycling, green living and sustainable practices will be showcased during the afternoon as well.

You can get the details and find the cadre of chefs and authors that will be attending the festival after the Jump: Florida's First Seed Food & Wine Festival - Miami

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Florida's LGBT Gayborhood, Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors (affectionately referred to as WilMa) is a city within the larger city of Fort Lauderdale. Wilton Manors is home to one of America's largest year-round populations of Gay and Lesbian residents. In the past decade downtown Wilton Manors has evolved into a nearly one mile long corridor of Gay and Lesbian owned, shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The main street, Wilton Drive, is closed several times a year for LGBT festivals and events that are sponsored by Mark's List. The larger of the events are Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors in June and Wicked Wilton, a Halloween event that attracts tens of thousands of costumed revelers from all over the world. You can check out a map of the Gayborhood and get information on virtually every business "on the Drive" here: Florda's LGBT Gayborhood, Wilton Manors

Going OUT in Tampa or Ybor City?

Here's are direct links to restaurants, bars and nightcubs that support Mark's List so you can check out what's up if you're going OUT in Tampa and Ybor City: G. Bar, Honey Pot, Ybor Social Club. Interested in more Tampa and Ybor City information? If you live in another city, or you didn't allow us to know your location, you can switch the view of this page by using this link: Gay and Lesbian Tampa and Ybor City

Going OUT in Fort Lauderdale?

Here's are direct links to restaurants, bars and nightcubs that support Mark's List so you can check out what's up if you're going OUT in Fort Lauderdale:  13|EvenAlibiBill’sBoardwalkCubby Hole, Dapur, The DriveHuntersInfinty LoungeThe ManorRosie’sScandals SaloonSidelines Sports BarThe StableVillage Pub. Interested in more Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors information? If you live in another city, or you didn't allow us to know your location, you can switch the view of this page by using this link: Gay and Lesbian Fort Lauderdale and WIlton Manors Florida

Going OUT in Miami or Miami Beach?

Here's are the links to bars and restaurants that support Mark's List so you can check out what's up if you're going OUT in Miami & Miami Beach: Azucar, The CabaretDiscotekkaEros LoungeJamboree Lounge,  PalaceScore, and Twist.

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