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Adam Wirthmore Interview, Behind the Scenes

Author & Curator: 
Troy Maillis

The Guy Next Door

You’ve seen him before.  You know who I’m talking about—that guy on that site. He’s the guy that helps you relieve stress and explore your wildest fantasies. Originally from a small town about 20 minutes north up Boston, Adam Wirthmore grew up a free-spirited, uninhibited lover of life and nature. Like most gay teens, he watched a fair amount of porn and was always curious about meeting and having sex with the porn stars he saw on the internet. At 19 years old, Adam sent out a few applications and (side website of asked him to come in for a meeting. With an office he described as looking like a “British law firm with wooden floors, wooden columns, nicely upholstered furniture, and a sweet old secretary,” Adam knew this was a legitimate business. After checking out the guys who would be at the upcoming shoot, he took some preliminary photos and had a train ticket to NYC in hand by the end of the meeting—the rest is history. Adam recently spoke with Mark’s List about working in the adult film industry, his favorite co-stars, what he looks for in a partner, and what you can expect from him in the future.

How long have you been in the business and how long will you make movies? Would you ever like to direct or work more on the production side? 

I have been shooting scenes, mostly for Next Door Studios, three to four times a year for the past three years. I will continue to shoot scenes until it interferes with my main career or love life. The way I see it, I'm just having fun while the fun lasts. I am not dependent on the additional income. The money has definitely been helpful while living in Miami, but I am not planning on modeling much into adulthood. I would, however, be interested in getting more involved with production. I see a lot of potential in the industry, and I am not one to shy away from a business opportunity just because of its stigma in society. Let's be real, everyone watches porn, and it has to come from somewhere. I could definitely see myself recruiting, directing or producing movies in the near future.

You’ve worked with some of the hottest male film actors in the industry including Parker London, James Jamesson, Christian Wilde and Cody Cummings just to name a few. Do you have a favorite scene partner or scene in particular that stands out?

Well one of my favorite scenes was with Christian Wilde; it was one of my first scenes and my emotions are very pure and raw, and I still see that when I go back and watch that scene. I really lost myself in that scene and completely forgot about the cameras. My favorite scene partner, however, would have to be Samuel O'Toole. He just has those features that I'm really attracted to in a guy: dark features, playful attitude and a big, meaty cock.

Adam and Christian Wilde

Oh my god, yes. There are a lot of "straight" models who are exclusive to Next Door Studios and the scenes are definitely not as organic or emotionally pure as those that I've shot for On The Hunt, which uses primarily gay models who hire them through ManHunt. Instead of kissing me to help us both get boners, they are often rubbing themselves in the corner in between takes, staring at a mini DVD player that's blasting some straight porn with a chick screaming at the top of her lungs. It's definitely a buzz kill to look forward to a scene with someone like Cody Cummings or Tyler Torro, just to find out that they don't kiss, but oh, they will jam their cock down your throat or up your ass, respectively. But that's just part of the business, and I've learned to appreciate their contributions and accept their flaws [laughs].Speaking of Cody Cummings, many people are curious about how it is working with bi-sexual and straight actors. Is it different than working with the gay actors? 

Do the straight actors get into it sexually or is it really just like a job? Is it ever difficult for them to get aroused?  

It's really just a job for them. Sure, some of them are actually bi-sexual or into chicks with dicks, but the majority of the straight actors aren't really into more that the sensation of sticking their dick in someone’s ass. If they do have a problem getting aroused, then they don’t last in the gay porn industry for long.

What is it like on set with your scene partners? Do you get to know each On The Hunter first to break the ice, or do you just jump right into the action? 

It depends. At On The Hunt we have more of an ice breaker, and I think the chemistry in those scenes reflect that built up anticipation. At Next Door Studios, on the On The Hunter hand, we are kind of isolated in a hotel room until the scene, so it is hard to get to know the guys. The nightly dinners at Next Door Studios help you get acquainted, but that may come after your first scene with a guy. The exclusives at Next Door Studios are all pretty tight; they have to be because they see so much of each On The Hunter. Me personally, I have to at least see the On The Hunter guy before I have a scene with him. I guess I'm kind of picky when it comes to who I am fucking for the internet world to see. I still have my standards [laughs].

Adam and Cody Cummings

Well with On The Hunt and Next Door Studios, there are no scripts. For On The Hunt, it's just a quick interview and fucking. With Next Door Studios, there is some plot and costumes planned out before hand, but the lines are completely made up on the spot. Both companies pay for all your meals, transportation and lodging. It's pretty much a paid vacation with no expenses. It's what keeps me coming back for more. Oh, and the hot guys—can’t forget about them.How do adult film sets compare to regular film sets? Are there lots of flubbed lines, cuts, re-shoots and food carts like we would see on a normal movie set?  

What is your favorite part about being an adult film actor? Is there anything you don’t like?  

Being recognized for my work in the gay community has been the sharpest of double edged swords. I can almost sense when someone recognizes me in public, starring surprised and happily, and then whispering to their fashionably dressed, well-groomed male friends. The feedback is always positive and has definitely been a confidence builder. As much as I appreciate the recognition and admiration, I have also been outed to my fraternity and the cheerleading team by anonymous onlookers. Although I am not a part of those organizations anymore, I have kept some really close friends who love me for me and just want me to be safe and happy, which I am. I love them for accepting my choices in life.

You’ve acted as both “bottom” and “top” role in your films. Do you have a preference? 

Physically, I like the way it feels to bottom better. But psychologically, I like to play the top and pound some ass from time to time, because those are the guys and mannerisms that I most identify with. If I were to describe a perfect preference percentage ratio, it would probably be 70% bottoming to 30% topping. I can't see myself with a pure bottom or a top that will never let me flip him. You’ve got to be open-minded enough to let me in the back door from time to time. Plus, if I can do it all the time without complaining, then you can too—man up.

Adam and Cody Cummings

I guess my abs and ass are my best features. I don't go to the gym, but I do want to get bigger in the shoulders and chest—CrossFit anyone? I'm a big fan of feet, calves, legs and pecs, and I like a cute smile with a hot oh-face [laughs]. Oddly enough, I like eyebrows too. Really, I just love every part of the male physique.Working in the adult film environment requires actors to be in tip top shape. Do you have a favorite body part—one that you like to show off most for the camera? What about with your co-stars—what do you look for the most in their bodies?

With all the sex that comes from adult films, is it hard to keep your sex life active in your personal time? Is it difficult dating?

I have a lot of free time and I have a lot of sex in my personal life. I've kept a nearly perfect list of all my sexual partners I’ve gone all the way with, and it is just past 100 (not including repeats). Dating has always been difficult for me. I grew up in a small, primarily Catholic town before attending the University of Miami. UM tends to have either closet-case "straight" boys or flamboyantly feminine gays without much in between.  I'm pretty masculine—to be as out and comfortable with it at my age is a rarity, but that seems to be changing, slowly but surely. Dating for me is also complicated by the fact that I am looking for somewhat of an open relationship. I figure I'll slow down some day, but until then I'll just keep my eyes open for a fun fucker and a best friend to share this life with.

What are some or you current and future projects?

I have a blog that I have been developing since last summer ( I have also played around with the idea of starting a website for a camera-house with a bunch of gay and bi-curious guys who are in college. The idea is that they are able to live at the house for free and get their college tuition paid for, provided that they pass their classes, play with themselves regularly, and fool around with each other every week or so. I like the idea of helping kids get to where they want to be in life while allowing them to have some fun along the way. It's all in the works, however, because I am waiting to mount some capital before really pursuing this business plan.

More about Adam Wirthmore:

Adam Wirthmore (Photo courtesy of FabScout Entertainment)

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  • The Outlet, another Gay men's clothing store, located a few blocks south near Sidelines Sports and Video Bar, is owned by Jon Anthony who also owns Towne Clothiers. The popular store carries contemporary clothing at outlet prices. 
  • With everything from swimsuits to beach towels, Balllocated in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors, has everything you need to get your gay beach groove going.
  • Also located near Alibi in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors, Isaac B is one of the newer additions to the drive. The shop carries a unique line of casual and dress clothing all under the Isaac B brand.
  • Some Like It Haute, Wilton Manors only exclusively men's designer consignment store turns your fabulous slightly worn items into cash that you can use to buy new and more fabulous designer goods.
  • The largest men's clothing store on Wilton Drive is The Mix. The shop carries everything from jeans, shirts and shoes to accessories that include, belts, ties, watches and wallets. Among the many brands available are some of Gay men's favorites, including Prada, Roberto Cavali, Gucci, Versace, FC Factory, D&G, Georgio Armani, Gianfranco Ferre and Diesel.
  •  With a selection of jeans that is probably the largest on Wilton Drive, True Blue is a men's clothing store sells a wide variety jeans and shirts that are hard to find in other places.
  • Formerly located in downtown Fort Lauderdale on Broward Boulevard, J Miles Clothing Company made the move into Wilton Manors a couple of years ago. The shop carries a tremendous selection of swim suits in wide variety of cuts and styles. From boxers to board shorts, bikinis and thongs they've got it all and it's probably on sale! The store also carries, jeans, shirts, back packs and other bags along with some novelty, gift and gag items.
  • Also located in the Shoppes of Wilton Manors, next to Hunters, Gay Mart specializes in club wear, including jeans and shirts, swimwear, t-shirts, beach attire and accessories. They carry a large selection of Whitall and Shon and other well known brands.

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Dream, Wilton Manors Wine, Sake & Champagne Lounge

Dream Wine Bar and Lounge, located in Wilton Manors, is a  wine, champagne, sake bar, lounge, gallery and experimental free state all rolled into one exceptional place. Owner Gary Bouvier explains, “Every single visit to Dream is a unique experience. Whether it’s the music, performances, art, music or guests themselves, at Dream everything revolves around stimulating your senses and releasing your creativity.” The new wine lounge was instant must do on the Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors weekend social circuit. The lounge draws a mixed crowd of wine and beer fanatics along with folks simply looking for a place to kick off an evening of nightclubbing or bar hopping. You can find more after the Jump: Dream, Wilton Manors Wine, Sake & Champagne Lounge

Try a Beach BodyBlast Workout for Free!

Try one Beach BodyBlast workout for free! The Beach BodyBlast workout happens every Sunday at 10:00 am on the Sebastian Street Beach directly across the street from the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale. Feel the sand between your toes, the sun on your back and the breeze on your face as your work your body with a heart-pumping BodyBlast workout. The group, led by the expert trainers at Push Fitness, meets every Sunday at Sebastian Beach for a 45-minute, 'no-sand-in-my-face' power workout. Walk-ups only $10. Learn more about BodyBlast and buy a package at

You can try the workout for free on November  9th, 16th and 23rd or in December on the  7th, 14th, 21st and 28th. Use the link above to register and use the promo code BEACH-2014 to get your free trial workout. 

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Sunday Service at Floppy Rooster

The Floppy Rooster's all nude, all male feast of men continues on Sundays with Sunday Service, a great way to wind down your weekend. The party starts at  8:00 pm and features $4 well drinks and $3 domestic beers all night. Cover is only $5 before midnight and there's an amateur cock fight with $500 in cash and prizes every third Sunday of the month. And no worries, there's something going on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday too!  Floppy Rooster is located just 15 minutes from downtown Miami . You can find out more on Mark's List right here: Floppy Rooster's Sunday Service

Village Pub Presents the "Dueling Drag Divas" JoAnna & Chi Chi Rones

Come on out to Village Pub on Tuesday, December 16 for the Florida debut of the "Dueling Drag Divas," JoAnna & Chi Chi Rones. Show Tunes start at 8 pm with Bill Hallquist and then the Divas hit the stage at 9:45 pm for their first of four completely different shows. Future performance dates include, Thursday, December 18, Sunday, December 28 & Tuesday, December 30. Don't miss this outrageous duo as they make their South Florida debut. All shows start at 9:45 pm. More about Village Pub after the Jump: Village Pub Presents the "Dueling Drag Divas"

2015 Miami & Miami Beach LGBTQ Event Dates

It's time to save the date for some of the hottest parties of 2015! With more mega parties than other city on earth, the Miami area is a Gay & Lesbian travelers paradise. Here are the dates you need to know to get your Miami & Miami Beach LGBTQ party groove going!

Thursday Night NFL Football at Sidelines Sports & Video Bar

Football is bigger than ever this year and with 24 flat screen TVs, Sidelines is LGBTQ South Florida's LGBT football game central. With the expansion of NFL Football to Thursday nights this year, some of the best games of the week are now being played in Prime Time. So sports fanatics, why not kick off your weekend a day early at Sidelines in #WilMa?  If you need to know more about Sidelines, you can find the location and check out hundreds of photos on Mark's List here: Thursday Football at Sidelines Sports & Video Bar

Diana's Floral Boutique Now Open In WilMa

Diana Gozdowska has opened a floral design store on Wilton Drive. Diana's Floral Boutique is locally owned and offers cut and arranged live, dried, or artificial flowers and foliage. In addition to flower and live plant arrangements, Diana's Flower Boutique services include making wreaths, nosegays, garlands, festoons, boutonnieres, corsages, and bows.

In addition to floral arranging of all types, the shop also carries a nice selection of live plants including exotic orchids, succulents and cactus. You'll find pots, vases and a variety of unique gifts and accessories that will complement your home and life. 

Now when you're in need of flowers, #ShopWilMa! You can get the location check out more photos of this new flower shop on Mark's List here: Diana's Floral Boutique Now Open In Wilton Manors

Follow Florida's #1 LGBT Twitter Account

Progress Bar's Premiere New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball

Featuring music by DJ Maximus 3000, Progress Bar cordially invites you to its first New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball (ticket purchase is required for drink package only; tickets are not required to join the party on NYE). Tickets are $55 presale & $65 day-of. Ticket purchase includes a premium open bar from 9 pm to 2 am, a complimentary champagne toast at midnight and party favors to ring in the New Year. To buy tickets, visit Note: Progress Bar is open until 3 am for NYE. You can check out all the details and find out more about Progress Bar on Mark's List here: Progress Bar's Premiere New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball

Urge Returns for New Year's Day

Score Productions and Hilton Wolman present Urge, New Year's Day from 5 pm to 5 am. Ring in 2015 with music by "Rosabel" (Ralph Rosario & Able) and Paulo & Jackinsky. The spectacular event will transform Cameo (1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach) into a funhouse of entertainment. Look for spectacular lighting and effects along with two explosive DJ duos for the firm time on one unforgettable night. Discount tickets are already available at You can get lots more information about Score and Urge parties on Mark's List here: Urge Day One New Year's Day 2015 Miami Beach

Save the Date! Miami Beach Gay Pride 2015

Lesbian. Gay. Bi. Trans. Straight. Proud. Miami Beach Gay Pride, #MBGP is an extraordinary celebration that brings out the best in us all. On Sunday, April 12 2014 from Noon until 9:00 pm, it will be more extraordinary than ever! Your friends, family and allies will all gather on Ocean Drive to celebrate the 8th annual Miami Beach Gay Pride parade and festival. It's a celebration of the extraordinary strength, beauty and contributions of South Florida’s LGBTQ community, and an exciting all-day event that features a parade, a Festival with exciting celebrity presentations and musical performances, and an Expo with LGBTQ-friendly vendors and businesses, refreshments and food, and a family-friendly playzone. You can find out more and view thousands of photos from every single #MBGP event right here on Mark's List: Save the Date! Miami Beach Gay Pride 2015

Stonewall National Museum & Archives Presents Queer Kids: Coming Out in America

Stonewall National Museum & Archives presents an exhibit titled Queer Kids: Coming Out in America. The US premiere of this stunning documentary photography exhibit opens with a reception with photographer Michael Sharkey at Stonewall National Museum in Wilton Manors on Thursday, October 30 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The exhibition will be on view October 30, 2014 – January 4, 2015.

For the past 8 years M. Sharkey has been documenting queer youth across the US and in Europe. Sharkey’s photographs are intimate testaments to his subjects’ powerful self-awareness; at once empathetic and opulent, they are the visual counterpart to the voice these young people have struggled—and lately succeeded—to find. Rooted in the long tradition of portraiture, Sharkey’s images grant his subjects a full measure of the dignity with which they deserve to be seen. “I think I’ll always be drawn to this amazingly brave group. Their strength is a continual source of inspiration for me” says Sharkey. “It is their defiance that I want to capture in the portraits. What I hope people might also see is the delight that is the domain of a new generation: the sheer joy of being able to stand up and be seen without shame.”

M. Sharkey began Queer Kids at a moment when teenage sexual and gender identity had just begun to gain national attention in the US. Having come of age in the early Nineties, Sharkey belongs to a generation that was often hostile to the open expression and discussion of homosexual identity. The project is a celebration of the recent developments within the Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) community that allow today’s youth the opportunity and support to find their own voice and speak openly about their

You can find the location of the gallery and more information on Mark's List here: Stonewall National Museum & Archives Presents Queer Kids: Coming Out in America

Florida's LGBT Gayborhood, Wilton Manors

Wilton Manors (affectionately referred to as WilMa) is a city within the larger city of Fort Lauderdale. Wilton Manors is home to one of America's largest year-round populations of Gay and Lesbian residents. In the past decade downtown Wilton Manors has evolved into a nearly one mile long corridor of Gay and Lesbian owned, shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The main street, Wilton Drive, is closed several times a year for LGBT festivals and events that are sponsored by Mark's List. The larger of the events are Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors in June and Wicked Manors, a Halloween event that attracts tens of thousands of costumed revelers from all over the world. You can check out a map of the Gayborhood and get information on virtually every business "on the Drive" here: Florda's LGBT Gayborhood, Wilton Manors

Going OUT in Tampa or Ybor City?

Here's are direct links to restaurants, bars and nightcubs that support Mark's List so you can check out what's up if you're going OUT in Tampa and Ybor City: G. Bar, Honey Pot, Ybor Social Club. Interested in more Tampa and Ybor City information? If you live in another city, or you didn't allow us to know your location, you can switch the view of this page by using this link: Gay and Lesbian Tampa and Ybor City

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