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The Mix Of Many Sounds
DJ Tatiana Explodes the Music Scene in Denver
by Nick Mangiapane

Most of you in Denver have heard the name DJ Tatiana. Many of you have danced to her remixes on the dance floor. What you may not know is her story. She has a rich background in music and is very well traveled amongst many great cities worldwide. As a DJ, she pulls in many different styles and even adds some of her own. She even is an amazing party promoter and is starting a sexy new party here in town called PornStar 2nd Fridays at Bar Standard. DJ Tatiana is definitely a great asset to the local music scene.

Where are you from?

I am from Madrid, Spain.

How did you get your start as a DJ?
Since I was very small, I was very fond of music. Growing up, I was exposed to it through the family business (restaurants and bars with live music shows) and very involved as a performer. Later, when I moved to the US, it was paramount to keep sharing music with the world, so I did via the turntables. It has been ten years and I couldn't be happier.

What is your musical style as a DJ?
My format is very diverse. I do everything from tribal house to top 40s remixes to hip hop and Latin music. I would say my style is eclectic with international flavor.

You are also a party promoter. How did you get involved with that?
I travel often. In doing so, I get to experience fun events. I love this city and its community, so I like to bring fresh party ideas from abroad, mix them with some of my own, adapt them to our rainbow people here and 'voila' we have the DjTatiana presents events.

When and where do you spin around town?
When in Denver, usually I spin one Saturday a month at The Church, one Friday a month at Vinyl, some First Fridays at Tracks, summers on the rooftop for Climax Sundays at Vinyl and PornStar 2nd Fridays at Bar Standard. I also play nationwide on a monthly basis. Coming up next, the White Party in Miami at the end of November. You should join me.

What music/artists are currently playing on your iPod?
Wow! So many! I would not even know where to begin. Let's see... depending on the occasion, I enjoy a variety of music from a good Opera or Jazz at home over some good wine and excellent company to some flavorful Don Omar to hard delicious beats by Yolanda Be Cool.

Do you have any DJ role-models?
I admire Bob Sinclair. I also enjoy Magan, Hinojosa and Zambrano, Ralphi Rosario, Skrillex, Swedish House Mafia, Sak Noel and Afrojack.

What has been your most epic DJ experience?
I try to have one of those every weekend (laugh), but if I had to pick a couple, I would say, playing a summer in Ibiza, Denver PrideFest party at Vinyls rooftop for CLiMAX, a Halloween at The church and a couple of Las Vegas and Miami events come to mind.

Favorite Drink: Goose and sugar free Red Bull
Song That Defines You: I don’t think I can be defined with one song, all music, beats, people, and their energy define me.
Favorite Travel Destination: To party: Madrid, Ibiza, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas and Miami. To relax: Paris, San Juan, and San Andres island.

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